Saturday, 28 February 2015

Big Sister is 6.


A few months after we celebrated our One year wedding anniversary we found out we were expecting our first blessing!
 I can't believe I have a 6 year old. And what an amazing 6 year old she is.
 We celebrated her birthday together as a family by starting the day with cake for breakfast.
 It becoming a tradition. I always made them a festive breakfast for their birthdays, but this year we skipped the birthday parties and together with the girls decided on being just us, no fuss no stress, and making their day special with little surprises and their festive cake.

My dear Emma, you are such a blessing and a joy to us!  We love you so very much and we are so amazed by your kind and gentle spirit! Always ready to help and nurture your little sister and brother. You are going to be such a great mummy one day!

You are funny and you love to make people laugh. I adore your laugh, it's so contagious!
I pray you will never lose that!
I pray that God will bless you all the days of your life my sweet baby girl!

                                                            Happy birthday Big Sister!

Monday, 23 February 2015

Little sister is 4!


 This morning we had birthday cake for breakfast! It's my 4 year old's birthday! 4! wow! We are so blessed by our children! Truly, children are a blessing from the Lord!
She is so excited for her birthday! Since this morning she has the biggest smile on her face!

We surprised her with her Minnie Mouse boutique cake that she was praying for .  She went to preschool with no fuss and when I picked her up with baby brother we had some balloons for her! She was over the moon. She loves all the attention and that this day it's all about her.
On our way to preschool this morning, I asked her what would she like to do for her birthday. And she said that all she wants is a party with her family in her room playing pass the parcel.
So as soon as she got home, she got some toilet paper and some small toys and started wrapping them for the game. I offered to help but she insisted that it's her birthday and her party and she has to do it on her own...I wander were did she got that from...not me. Looking forward  to a fun family  party tonight when daddy gets off work.

My sweet Hannah!
Today is your birthday!
  Every day you inspire and challenge me to be a better mum.
 You are strong willed and courageous! You my darling daughter can move mountains!
 We adore you and we are so blessed to be your mama and daddy! We can't wait to see you bloom into the woman God has created you to be.
 Happy birthday Hanny!


Thursday, 19 February 2015

Baby Alex Noah. Six months.


Were did time go?...I say that a lot...
I love this season of motherhood. This right now, is my favourite. Well, every stage is kind of my favourite...
We did had a rough start with colics and chickenpox...not fun! But thank God all is well and my baby is growing so well! He is so alert and engaging and laughs his head off at his sisters shenanigans. He is such a joy and a blessing.

Motherhood is no easy job ...having three little ones depending on you for everything is a huge responsibility. Sometimes I feel like all I’m doing is meddling with these perfect spirits and placing my own fears and habits and short comings on them. I spend a lot of my time  praying I don’t mess them up too terribly. I’m just thankful I have been given this chance, with these three beautiful healthy and happy babies of mine.
I wouldn’t mind if time slowed down and let us linger a bit longer. Sometimes I feel like I’m going to wake up soon and it will all have been a very short dream.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

What I Wore Wednesday - 04/02/2015

           Welcome to yet another What I wore Wednesday (WIWW). The first one of this year.
It's been awhile since I wrote a fashion post and honestly I didn't know how to start...or what to write.
So I did what I usually do to get my groove back, I shut down the computer and went to bed, praying for a restful night and that inspiration will strike in the morning...
I guess it didn't.
 Let's get back to the's an easy, everyday...get out he door in 10 minutes kind of outfit. I did had a scarf with it, but baby Alex spit up  and I used it as a muslin cloth...I know you did it too at one point, don't judge! If you haven't, don't worry, your time will come!

Jeans: Gap
Shirt: Gap
Coat: ASOS
Boots : Graceland

As always I am linking up with the lovey Lindsey over at The Pleated Poppy for WIWW link party. Please come and join in the fun!

                                                       Until next time, thank you for reading!

Friday, 30 January 2015

3 Yummy Smoothie recipes - by kids for kids

Welcome to our kitchen.
Today we made 3 different delicious smoothies that my girls love.
They had so much fun putting everything together.
As an advice for you mums out there, once the child sees what go's in their smoothie and the whole proces,s they will be more open to try it.

We bought the smoothie maker thinking the girls will love it...boy were we disappointed. They wouldn't come near to it. Once they had a go at making one...guess what? 
It does take longer and it will be messy, but you get to feed them healthy smoothies full of vitamins for their growing little bodies. 

Purple smoothie
1 banana
a handful of strawberries
a handful of  blueberries
1 tea spoon of chia seeds
1 teaspoon of hemp seeds

add soy milk to the max  line of your blender and blend.



Chocolate monster smoothie
1 chopped banana
a handful of Brazil nuts
2 teaspoon of organic pure cocoa
2-3 spoons of pure maple syrup
Add soy milk to the max line and blend.

The green smoothie

a handful of  washed and chopped kale
1 half of a banana
1 half of a juicy mango
a handful of blueberries
1 table spoon of hemp seeds
Add coconut water to the max line and blend.

If you are on a look out for a juicer/ smoothie maker, we use NutriBullet and so far we love it. You can check out one of my favourite coupon sites : ChameleonJohn  and be on a look out for a coupon for one.  
Thank you for reading.

Friday, 2 January 2015

New Year Family Resolution / Goals ideas

   Every first of January we make lists, plans for the new year. Things we would like to change or improve, things we would like to do more of or not doing them at all.It's a fresh start, a blank canvas. As me and my husband thought about the year ahead of us I decided to write a post were I share some ideas to inspire your list. Some of these things we already do and some are new to our list.

                                                       Enjoy the outdoors more.

  My girls really like going on "adventures" every time we go to a nature park. Pretend they are chasing and fighting dragons or discovering new things, like a hollow tree.
   Living in UK, our outings  are very much conditioned by the weather. So our plan for 2015 is to face the bad weather, get our rain boots on and enjoy the great outdoors no matter the weather. We just need to put together a bad weather day kit or something. I appreciate any suggestion! :)

                                                                     Read together.

       Read with your children, to them or let them see you reading. Just surround yourself with books. I love books, reading them, decorate with them. I dream of a huge library in my home one day. Just surround yourself with knowledge. I often tell Big Sister : If you don't know the answer to something, someone, somewhere wrote a book about it. And children always learn by example, so pick up a book and read.

Cook together.

      There is a saying :" Letting your child help you with something is the fastest way to discover you are the world's  biggest control freak." Especially in the kitchen. But it is such a great way to bond and make some beautiful memories together. And the girls really like helping me in the kitchen. 

                                                                    Go on picnics.

     We love picnics. It's one of our family tradition, as soon as warm weathered kicks in we go on a picnic almost every other weekend. It's a great way to spend time with your loved ones without spending any money, just pack your lunch, grab your blanket and find a grass patch.

                                                           Questions of the day.

    Every night, after  bed time story, when we put our girls to bed for the night, before we pray together we ask them three questions:

Could you tell us something that made you smile today?
How about something that made you sad?
Did you learn something new today?
    I have read about this idea somewhere on Pinterest and we have been doing it for the past few months. It is already part of our bed time routine and the girls look forward to it. It sparks some interesting and funny conversations :)). It is just so good to end the day as a family and on a positive note.

                                                       Random acts of kindness.
      Practise gratitude as a family. Go out and clean a park. Help out a family member or an elderly neighbour by doing something for them around the house like cleaning and preparing their garden for spring.
    Donate something you don't use anymore.  Have a clear out, look trough their toys or clothes together and let them decide what they want to give.  And just remember to donate clean and nice things, something that you would buy allover again if you saw it in a charity shop ( and needed) .
     Set a weekend day aside to go for a walk around your city and look out for street artists ( we have plenty here in our neck of the woods) or street beggars. After you find them go into the nearest food shop / McDonald's and get them a hot drink or a meal.  When you see the surprise on their face and gratitude, it  gives you the best feeling in the world. I want my kids to feel that and think about others. The world is so big and full of people in need, when you change your focus from your problems to other people problems you realise  you didn't had a problem in the first place. You become so much more grateful for what you have.
These are some of the things on our list for this new year. I hope it inspired you to make a change or encouraged you to keep doing what you are doing! I wish you a Happy New Year and days filled with laughter no mater what challenges you might face!

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