Friday, 28 August 2015


                                           Happy Friday! Realy excited it's the weekend!

                                                 My nephew,sister's son, got married! It was a beautiful wedding!

                 Some fun with chalk in the car park. Thank you Pinterest for the inspiration!

Date night with my hubby!

         My girls and a very pretty entryway! We try to visit new places every weekend ...little villages with beautiful little cottages or ...this beauty of a house! :)

All we got were some pillows...promise!: they were I took all of them!

                                                                He's on the move!! Barefoot in the grass.

                                                   this is a weekly thing...they love it!

                       I got the chance to go to an restaurant opening...a day late. It was so good!

She has such a beautiful soul.

                                                             I have a thing for red doors.

This little guy turned ONE!!

 We went to the sea side in Hunstanton. We had a great day with good friends and fish and chips. You can't beat that!

Channelling my inner Martha and canned some blackberry jam.

The day before our trip to the was a rough one for mama so the next morning after breakfast I took the kids to the farm & a picnic. We had so much fun and I got a chance to relax and enjoy them without any other the pile of dirty dishes I left in the sink. Don't worry, they were still there when I got back..sadly.

Emma decided that the baby goats are just like them...two girls and one boy...I am mama goat.:)

My three blessings! My hands are full, yes, but you should see my's about to burst!


Nature Scavenger hunt on our way to the park.

Were did the Summer go? I can't believe that next week school starts!? ...and Little Sister is starting school! She is so excited!
Our Summer was fun but I am so ready for Autumn! My favourite season!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

What's in my diaper bag? + outfit of the day WIWW

These type of blog posts are one of my favourites to read.
So here I go, I would like to share with you today what's in my diaper bag.
Let's start with the bag.
 It's actually not a diaper bag. After three children and many diaper bags I think a backpack is the wisest idea.  It's a Betty Barclay backpack. I found it at TKMaxx for 20% off. You can easily attach it to the pushchair when you are on the move by its straps or using a mummy clip and keep it on your back while you play with your little ones at the park. This way you don't have to worry about anyone stealing it from the pushchair (it can happen, trust me) and it's out of your way, nothing slides of your shoulder. It's great for travelling as well!
Jacket: Gap
T-shirt: a shop in Romania
Trousers: H&M
Shoes: Birkenstock ( Arizona in black)- the most comfortable shoe/sandals ever...I have the tan lines to prove it! :)
 Another thing when choosing a diaper bag that I have learnt is, are the one caring the bag, so it should suit you and not the baby. If you or your husband like wearing a bright pink polka dots puffy bag...more power to you! Rock it, if not, go with something that you enjoy and it's will be spit on, stepped on and so on...I will stop at that, it such a nice bag that it hurts writing all the things it's been trough. :)
This is what I carry with me most of the time. If it's a Sunday I will add a small bag with crayons and two note pads for my girls to have in church.


A small nappy bag that it's water Prof with wipes, I use WaterWipes, they are really good and with no nasty chemicals, 
diapers, just pampers, we started out with Nadine diapers but every night the diaper would leak so we went for Pampers,
 Sudocream to prevent and treat any diaper rash, a change of spare clothes and socks.
Water bottle, spoon , a pot of snack or food ( depends were we go and for how long)
Sofie the giraffe, a fun book that Alex just got as a present for his birthday.
Hand Sanitiser, a Neutogena travel size hand cream , fun plasters for the girls, a pen and note pad because I am always making lists. My Fossil wallet, and my makeup bag because I do my minimal make-up on the go.
That's it.
I don't carry any other bag with me, this is it, it doubles at as a purse and diaper bag. When I need to change my little one I just get the small nappy bag out and I have everything in without searching trough the bag for what I need.
Do you have any tips or a product that you find useful for your diaper bag?
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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Animals On Parade, First Birthday Party !

Yesterday we celebrated our little baby boy  turning  the  big ONE!  Both of my girls are born  in the winter months  and because baby brother is a Summer  baby  we took advantage of the great outdoors and the  nice weather to have a BBQ party at a country  park.

We had a good time with old and new friends, enjoying some Romanian BBQ.
On Friday  it rained  ALL DAY! we were really thinking about other  options. .a thing  you should do  no matter  the weather or season in this  country really. There  is  a saying  ( from the  wise pig in boots,  Papa Pig) : if you want to rain in England just start up a  BBQ.
 But thankfully  God blessed us with  a  lovely  weather.  The  girls  were  praying for no rain  on the  day and they were so  excited  to  see  God answering  their  prayers!
 The  theme of the party was Animals on Parade as Alex is just  starting to discover them. Here are some of the details:

All the animals got dressed up thanks to some coloured card,cupcakes liners
and my trusty hot glue gun!



For the berry cups I used paper flower pots. I found them on sale and I thought they worked perfect for an outdoor party.

The biscuits and cake were made by a very talented friend from our church.
 For the last few years she has made all our birthday cakes.

    The party bags.I used brown paper bags and made them into a cone and filled them up with jelly beans, some Kinder chocolate, an Animal chocolate bar & a small plastic toy animal and attached a thank you note card.

               When we all started singing Happy Birthday he started crying. He settled quickly and after 10 min he was ready for his nap. He had a full day! Being One and cute is so exhausting you guys. :)

Happy birthday little one!

by the end of the day he was out! :)
I say this often...but time..sure goes fast.
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