Thursday, 29 September 2011

diamond ring for a 2 year old:)

My two and a half year old is all girly...she loves dressing up..necklaces...and RINGS.She allways asks for mine and the one for kids ...they never fit her tinny fingers so I made this fun rings that she would think one is big enough for her...she wears three !!!:))
So here is how you can make your very own! 

Group three pipe cleaners in your favorite colors with even ends and twist in the middle about 4-5 times to create something like a cat whiskers:)

  Put the twist under one finger and cross the "whiskers" over the top of the finger to measure the ring size. Remove pipe cleaners from finger and twist to size.
Open and spread out the "legs."

Make a very tiny bend on the end of each leg, pressing back onto itself.

Start rolling each leg from the bend into the center, pulling back as you roll to make the roll  tight.

Arrange each rolled "petal" of the flower.

Now that's cute enough but you know every girl needs her diamond !!!:)

To put the "diamond" in the middle of the flower twist one end of the sparkly pipe cleaner  on the top of the ring, where it meets the flower and pull the other end trghou the middle of the flower.

Start rolling it back as you did with the petals  but this time as you finish rolling pull the end in a beehive form(like a diamond)...

I hope I was clear enough :)..o boy...have fun...we love them...especially  the sparkly one!!!

Happy ring making!:)



  1. These look great! I've stuck a link to come over on my blog:

  2. These look amazing...I think my 4 and 5 year olds will love them too!

  3. :)Have fun making them! thank you for stoping by!:)

  4. Very cute, tempted to make one for myself.

  5. I know..I was thinking very seriously on wearing one out!:))the sparkly one!!!


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