Wednesday, 26 October 2011


We had friends over this past weekend,Romanian friends,a family that lives in Scotland for over two years now and a friend that is in Manchester for a few months for training at a new job that he has in Romania, and the family that lives like..10 min walking distance from our house.We are all Romanians.
We had a lot of fun,cooking,shopping a little bit,remembering old times.
We all grew up in the same church back home,we used to go camping with the Church every year in the summer,have barbecues and vacations together and with other friends from back home; remembering all that kinda left me home sick...I miss my friends,my family,people from our Church...places were I grow up..
I've only been here for a little over a year and I still can't find my place.We didn't find a good Church to go to and that is probably one of our biggest  need right now.

First of ,you might be wondering what am I doing here?..:)

    Well let me tell you...we had a hard time living in Romania...we couldn't save up for a house or for a better future for our kids..we lived pay check to pay check...Adi was still in school and working at the same time ,I was staying home with Emma as she was a baby back then,we tried our best with a family business in wedding planning and it wasn't enough.

      We were considering moving to Canada at first...we started the processes  and then we had a talk with some friends from here(UK) that knew we were struggling  and they  offered to help us by moving here.The hole moving and starting over was really hard,I was pregnant and working here and dealing with all the documents ,my husband had a tough job at first working more then 10 h a day(including commute) it was really hard.
    We started the hole thing knowing that God was on our side,we prayed for it ,we didn't want it if God wasn't in it!!Having God with us is what kept us(me) sane and hopeful.

      So as from January this year we are officially  UK residents .So officially our home is here now...but our hart is not.Don't get me wrong,here is were I chose to be,I realise that the future of my kids is here,I like this country ,I love it ! It's just that we miss home,we miss our friends.
 I personally miss random people that I never sad hi to,just walking down the street,taking a maxi taxi or eating a Shaorma:) from a local never appreciate the little things until they are gone.It's not as easy as I thought it would  be moving to a different country and start from 0.

                                  We had our second child here,Hannah Luisa.
My husband has a grate job now (he will go for team building at a live Top Gear next he is pretty exited about that)and I can stay home with my girls and finally do what I wanted to do pretty things :).

So to end on a happy note...appreciate what you have the good and the bad and fight for you right to a better life!

Thank you for stopping bye...


  1. you made me cry ....awful

  2. Oh..I didn't mean to!:)sorry!:)You miss home too,right


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