Monday, 17 October 2011

It's a Cars Birthday Party!

This past weekend I have organized a surprise birthday party at our house for a seven year old boy(the son of some close friends) that loves Cars(the movie that is).So when I was thinking about a party theme I first went with Batman  and then I found out that Cars was his thing.So here you go a Cars birth day keep in mind I have Girls and this is a boy's party....I did my best.:)

                                                                  the birthday boy!

                                                                          the food.

We had hot-dogs,plates of fresh vegetables and chicken nuggets with four different sauces ,sausages and plates of bite size  fruits.

As drinks I found Cars juice!! How cool is that?!:)) The kids loved it!

Of course we had to see the movie!Cars 2 and popcorn.

                               We played Put the tail on the donkey !The dads had fun too!:)

                                                          The birthday cake!

The decorations were simple: a big Happy Birthday banner with Balloons.

Our friends and the birthday boy!!
Happy birthday Marco!!!



  1. Arata totul ffffff bine . fie vb intre noi nu avea cum sa arate altfel la cate idei iti alearga prin capsorul tau .bravoooooooo

  2. Foarte frumos! FELICITRI!


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