Monday, 10 October 2011

No sew tutu (ballerina skirt)

  Emma started ballet two weeks ago,so I had to buy her a ballet costume...
I bought everything but not the tutu(ballerina skirt) because I learned  a  long time ago from another blog or you tube,(cant remember exactly were ), how to make it.
So I gather every thing I needed and gave it a go .I love how it turned out!!!I will definitely make one  for Hannah too.

 So here is the tutorial on how to create this delightful simple tutu without a sewing machine.Allow about 30 minutes for the project.

This is what you will need:

 - 5.5 m of tulle(6 yards)
 - 2.5 cm wide elastic(1 inch)
 - Scissors
 - needle and thread
 - ruler(measuring tape).

Decide how big you want the tutu to be. I mesured my little girls tummy and sewed the ends together to make a big circle.

Cut the tulle in desired lengths.
The strips don't have to be perfectly straight or exactly the same length..
(I fold  it to be easier to cut it).

Remember that your strip has to mesure double the length
you decided for your tutu to be. 

Fold the strips of tulle in half to make a loop. 
Hold it against the elastic and take the ends of tulle and put it through the loop around the elastic.
Tighten the loop.(I tried my best to take of picture of me doing it but it did not show on the picture becouse of the tulle being so sheer,so I TRIED to draw it...don't laugh now!! 

Continue working around the elastic, tying the tulle and pushing the pieces together to form a skirt.
Continue adding strips in this way until the elastic band is covered. 
The ends form the skirt and the knots hide the elastic
 Accessorize the tutu with flowers and ribbons as you wish 
using satin ribbon (tie it to the elastic as you did with the tulle strip)
or accessorising it  with fabric flowers or bows.
              I used some hand made satin flowers that I made in three sades of pink and white pearls.
You are done!, you  have now  a beautiful tutu for your little ballerina!:)
They can be a Princess, a ballerina, a fairy.The only sewing part was attaching the ends of elastic,it is really easy!! I want to try different color combinations next time.


  1. Vreau si eu asa ceva, chiar si in multiple culori...pls, mi se par foarte feminine (te rog sa imi spui ca la prosti cum se face).pup u

  2. o sa postez si in romaneste in curand.:)

  3. Bine ca a trecut sezonul, putea purta fusta peste colanti f grosi si cu ugg's, nu? Ar fi tare cool:)). Fa o rubrica...cum sa sfidam iarna.Anonymousul de sus si actual sunt eu - Manuela:))

  4. Fusta am facut-o pt balet,pt emma (si ea a inceput de 2 saptamani)dar sigur ca merge cu inca ce fain s-ar vedea,si de Craciun o sa le fac pe rosu pt family pic.!!

  5. i-am aratat site-ul unei prietene si acuma isi face si ea tutu......:)

  6. ma bucur ca i-am fost de folos Simi!!!!

  7. Hi!
    Uau is really easy to make!!! I will definitely do it!


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