Wednesday, 19 October 2011

smells like Christmas...

Oh..I can wait for Christmas this year!!It's my favorite Holly Day !I'm subscribed to Michael Buble on you tube and he just posted Christmas" Exclusive First Listen....I just thought I should share it with you guys, I keep pressing the replay button!!Love it!I lighted a winter smelling candle and a spice apple one (Glade ones)'s smells like Christmas in my house ..and outside is coooooold!!
By the way, do you know there are only 67 days until Christmas!!? Time will fly by so fast!
Keep an aye opened for some Holly Day Crafts I'm working on!

                                             Are you looking looking forward to Christmas?



  1. Beautiful album!!!I can not wait for Christmas,the smell of burning candles,carols,home decoration,shopping fever,you get all this only once a year:D

  2. yes,that's true!!thanks for stopping by!

  3. It is my favourite holyday too!!
    Iar anul acesta sarbatoarea Nasterii va fi si mai frumoasa,ptr ca o avem pe Miriam!Foarte faina melodia si tu esti ffff talentata!pupici:)

  4. Multumesc Anna!:) Asa e,primul Craciun cu bebe e special!Multumesc pt vizita:)


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