Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Baby food jar reuse

This is a quick and   easy project  that you  will want to make a dozen of these!They reflect a beautiful light and it is perfect for a fall decor or for a table setting at a family diner ,party,or wedding!

                                                    So here's what you'll need:

-baby food jars (empty  and cleaned with the sticker around it removed )
-glue (I used the glitter one because it comes out in a fine line instead of the stick one)
-twine (raffia)
- some grease prof paper in a light brown color,you can use it in off white or any other see through paper.
I also used some jar candles that I had ,but you can use different size jars.

Measure and cut the paper so that the jar top will not show.Glue the paper on one side and pres it together.Go around with a fine line of glue so that the twine will stick and not slide.

Make a bow and repeat as many times as you wish!:)

The bigger ones in the back are glass candles in different sizes ,and because they are wider at the top the paper came together  in a pointy way...and I thought they look like wings or something..so I let them like that.
So there you go quick and easy!Enjoy!:)
See you next time!:)


  1. ... absolutely perfect, just an artistic mind would think of it... ;)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) You have two gorgeous little girls and I love the baby food jar idea. I just repurposed some jars myself. Love to recycle and come up with free projects.
    Hope to see you back often!

    Sophie @babesandsages


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