Friday, 18 November 2011

Random Friday

Linking up to Jeannett at life rearranged  InstaFriday.

Random Fridays is about sharing what you’ve been up to all week using nothing but cell phone pictures!
It was a good week,and it ended with an amazing day!
Here's a peek at the past week  through the camera lens of my phone.

 We started learning some numbers... 

I found this AWESOME book at a charity shop...I think I like it more then Emma does...:)
It has a country sound to it..

I am getting ready for a lady's night at a friend be expecting more then 20 ladies,some will do hair and make up,some are selling jewelery and I will sell my stuff.I'm pretty excited about that!

    I made this pretty thing..

 I went out on a surprise date with my hubby and another couple in Stratford Shakespeare's birthplace(first time visiting).with NO KIDS:)
The first real date we  had  since Hannah came along.
It was way over due!It was an amazing day!My husband sisters are here for a visit so they offered to baby sit the girls.
We had another try to go out just the too of us but we ended up shopping and eating at McDonald's... still it was pretty great to be just with him for a few hours.
How was your week?



  1. And we are sooooooo jealous .....lucky you!!!

  2. wow...u had such an amazing week!! I`m really happy for you...the pictures are very nice!!!


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