Friday, 30 December 2011

Folded paper rosette (out of an old book)

I have this vinyl sticker that you can see in the pic. on my bedroom wall just above the bed .And to make it stand out more I thought that these folded paper rosette made from pages of an old book (if it's a love book that's even better) will look so vintage and romantic and would make the hole look more put together.
They are so easy to make that I couldn't you can find them in my living room too.:)

Here is what you need:

An old book(you can use old sheet music too)
glue(hot glue gun or any other glue that work well with paper.
card bord(from cereal box)
Blu Tack

First take some pages out of your old book. Decide how big you want your rosette.
I did them in two different sizes.
For the big one I used the book page as it is and for the small one I cut it in half.

Accordion fold them like this. Be sure your folds are the same size. You can make them wide if you want your rosette's to have a lot of height or short folds for low height.
You can fold each strip separately or fold 2 or 3  strips together . I did them both ways and I think it was easiest to fold 2 at a time. But that's completely up to you.
 Staple the strips together.Ad as many as you need.

Open your fan and staple the ends together to form a cylinder and start to make the rosette shape;

You can trim the edges if you want  but I like the vintage look to it so I left the strips of paper as they were(rip from the book).

then glue on a card board backing.
Stick some Blu Tack on the back and you can stick it to your wall.




  1. super!!! am sa fac ceva la magazin in sensul asta. o intrebare: de unde treaba aia cu always and forever?

  2. e-bay!Thank you for stoping by!!

  3. I linked up to your blog from the "Follow Me Wednesday" over at 3 Four and Under. I've enjoyed your posts so far, and I'm a follower now! Happy New Year.

  4. aww..thank you so much!And wellcome!!!Happy New Year to you too!!

  5. Love handmade stuff!!

    Hi - found your blog on 3 Four and Under's blog hop.
    Hope you'll stop by mine soon and follow back!

  6. Nice.

    Follow you via Follow Me Wednesday

  7. Hey Erika!
    Nice blog! And great ideas!... Those accordion folded paper rosettes remind of the little cheat notes my sisters used to do when they were in high - school! (I know, not the best example, but I used to play with them with my dolls). I'm sure I'll try to make some, too.

  8. You can make small ones and atach it to a card too!:) just saying:)


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