Monday, 5 December 2011

Pine Cone Wreath

I had a bag of pine cones stored away ,from the fall decorations that I've made. And I used them again for Holiday decorations in this beautiful and easy to do Holiday wreath.
  This go's to show you how there's no end to how you can use pine cones to enhance your decorations.

This is what you will need:

 Fencing Wire(Heavy Duty)
Pine cones
Hot glue gun 

Hot glue the pine cones to  the wire wreath. I didn't measured mine I just eyeballed it !:)Be sure to put plenty of glue on the bottom of the pine cone to give it enough stability. I hot glued two pine cones to the  wreath and then went on the sides and glued some more to the one that is glued to the wire,to make it thicker.

From this point on you can decorate it as you wish with festive ribbon or other Christmas decorations or just live it like it is  and  just spray it with some fake snow(for crafts) .
I hot glue some  winter cranberry  and a lovely bird nest that I got from Wilkinson for just £1 and spray it with some fake snow.

Let the wreath sit and dry for awhile before you hang it.
Be sure to hang with a heavy duty hanger as this wreath will be heavy!
 As a note, this project will take a lot of glue sticks and it's best to work with clear glue sticks so that the glue does not show.

I hope you like it as much as I do!See you soon with another fun project!

Happy Crafting!


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