Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Hello every one, sorry I didn't post in weeks,I have a good excuse if I my say so,my computer died, so to fix it...I got a new one!I still need to get the hang of it as it is a laptop and I don't have a external probably are thinking ...How in the world does she  not know how to use a laptop?!!

Well,NO I haven't lived under a rock! I just never got the chance..oh well...lets move on.
By the way if you  notice any misspelling,please keep in mind that English is my second language,and I am doing my best,bear with me!:)

Here are some photos for the update,there wouldn't be a blog post without pictures:).

                                      I got to go to my first open house!It was fun!

I made pretty things(for the open house)

Some more pretty things!(Don't I have the cutest little model?)

new hair colour and some red lips...for fun!

Stay close some fun Christmas stuff  are coming up soon!! 


Friday, 18 November 2011

Random Friday

Linking up to Jeannett at life rearranged  InstaFriday.

Random Fridays is about sharing what you’ve been up to all week using nothing but cell phone pictures!
It was a good week,and it ended with an amazing day!
Here's a peek at the past week  through the camera lens of my phone.

 We started learning some numbers... 

I found this AWESOME book at a charity shop...I think I like it more then Emma does...:)
It has a country sound to it..

I am getting ready for a lady's night at a friend be expecting more then 20 ladies,some will do hair and make up,some are selling jewelery and I will sell my stuff.I'm pretty excited about that!

    I made this pretty thing..

 I went out on a surprise date with my hubby and another couple in Stratford Shakespeare's birthplace(first time visiting).with NO KIDS:)
The first real date we  had  since Hannah came along.
It was way over due!It was an amazing day!My husband sisters are here for a visit so they offered to baby sit the girls.
We had another try to go out just the too of us but we ended up shopping and eating at McDonald's... still it was pretty great to be just with him for a few hours.
How was your week?


Sunday, 6 November 2011

Bonfire Night fun

As you well know by now I'm not from UK originally and this all Bonfire Night celebration is new to me,from what I know the story behind it gos like this:

Bonfire Night is a yearly event dedicated to bonfires, fireworks and celebrations. Different traditions celebrate Bonfire Night on different days. Some of the better known Bonfire Nights are: 5 November in the Great Britain.

Remember, remember the fifth of November.
Gunpowder, treason, and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.

It is over 400 years old. It dates back to 1605 when Guy Fawkes and a group of other men  tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London. Guy Fawkes disagreed with the then king of England, King James I and plotted with a group of men to fill a cellar under the Houses of Parliament with gunpowder to blow it up. This was later to become known as the Gunpowder Plot. The plan was foiled and Guy Fawkes was captured and sent to the Tower of London. He was later executed.
Since that day the 5th November had been remembered as Guy Fawkes Night. Effigies (dummies representing people) of Guy Fawkes were made with shirts and trousers stuffed with hay or paper. A mask was sometimes used for its face. Children would take their guy out on the streets and ask for a 'penny for the guy' to pay for fireworks. At night the guys were placed on the top of bonfires.

Today it is celebrated with elaborate fireworks and bonfires across the country.

We went with all our friends and family and had a grate time!

Hannah was a little frightened when the big fireworks started and she would hold me thigh and hide here face piking from time to time to see the pretty lights.:)

Emma sleep through the half of it...

If you are from UK how did you spend the Fifth of November? 


More than Mummies Monthly Showcase

I've been featured on More than Mummies site for they're   Monthly Showcase-November!
You can see my entry here.Let me tell you ...I am more than honored ,Its a big thing for me!!
I just started my businesses and I love what I do ,I wanted to do this for sooo long..I gathered ideas from all over and inspirational pictures and articles dreaming of the day I will finely DO IT.:)It is so awesome seeing my pic on this grate site because that just  proves to me that what I design  is not blah..and it is good enough to be up there...(can you tell I don't trust my self that much?...:) ).
So I would like to say thank you More than Mummies and for all of you  go check this cool website!
They also  have a Facebook page.So go and like they're page!

Here is more info about the site:

More Than Mummies started as a Facebook page of a different name Yummy Mummies – Business Mums in March 2011 to support mums in whatever they do besides being a mum, whether it be their work, hobby, charities or their own business. When it first started I thought that if I was lucky I may get 200 mums joining our little Facebook community by the end of the year, but to my surprise we had 300 ‘likes’ in the first week.  It wasn’t just the amount of mums joining our page that made me want to take it a step further and create a website but I was so impressed at all the wonderful things mums created, sold or the services they provided and charities they supported. Especially when you bear in mind that they are looking after children and most likely running a house too!
We decided on a name change and More Than Mummies was formed in April 2011 (Yummy Mummies – Business Mums is still on Facebook and going strong!). Whilst we were putting the finishing touches to our website we created a More Than Mummies blog and established our More Than Mummies Facebook and Twitter pages. launched in September 2011 with the hope of becoming a great platform for mums to promote their businesses and products via our features and showcase pages. The aim is also to keep the website as accessible as possible, by allowing mums to add to our features or showcases and listing their business in our directory for little or no cost.
As well as supporting mums in business I also hope that the website will help champion small independent businesses and those who make wonderful things to sell. I’ve always loved things that are unique, bespoke and not common. Especially when they are things that people have put thought and effort into making. I love it when people ask me  where I’ve got something from because they haven’t seen anything like it in the shops! I hope the website will be able to draw attention to these wonderful items as well as being somewhere where you will have an opportunity to promote what you do.
Our aim with our Mummies High Street is to give you an opportunity to find independent shops and businesses, support other mums and hopefully find some wonderful treasures that you couldn’t find in your everyday shops.
This is our way of supporting mums, and I hope you enjoy and benefit from our website!
(Information taken from the site)

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Baby food jar reuse

This is a quick and   easy project  that you  will want to make a dozen of these!They reflect a beautiful light and it is perfect for a fall decor or for a table setting at a family diner ,party,or wedding!

                                                    So here's what you'll need:

-baby food jars (empty  and cleaned with the sticker around it removed )
-glue (I used the glitter one because it comes out in a fine line instead of the stick one)
-twine (raffia)
- some grease prof paper in a light brown color,you can use it in off white or any other see through paper.
I also used some jar candles that I had ,but you can use different size jars.

Measure and cut the paper so that the jar top will not show.Glue the paper on one side and pres it together.Go around with a fine line of glue so that the twine will stick and not slide.

Make a bow and repeat as many times as you wish!:)

The bigger ones in the back are glass candles in different sizes ,and because they are wider at the top the paper came together  in a pointy way...and I thought they look like wings or I let them like that.
So there you go quick and easy!Enjoy!:)
See you next time!:)
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