Wednesday, 25 January 2012


     What I Wore Wednesday was created by blogger Lindsay from The Pleated Poppy to help stay at home Mommies like me to get out of their t-shirts and sweats and to put a little effort into themselves every day.You do feel better about yourself when you look more put together,at least I do.Click here for more info.

   This episode of  WIWW has a theme to it...One shirt..two ways:)..Yes it took me a while to figure that out(the name I mean),:)I didn't planted it, just happened.

Shirt -Peacock's
Jeans-Time Out(Romania)-Oooooold!
Watch-Fossil Vintage
Bracelets-One made by me (the pink one),the black boot sale I think.
Ring...My fav-Accessorise

P.S.-The yellow table is an unfinished project:)

I am in  love with this skirt,no joke!It is from Top Shop.It has ruffles in the back.Loove it!
I'm wearing the same shirt with a black cardigan from Takko(I used to work with the company in Romania).
Now, can you  see the expression on my face ?
The one that tells you...those shoes are not yours!:)..
I can barely stand in high heals ...not walk...STAND..:)) These babes are my Sister in Law's .I just thought it went better with the outfit.
I was wearing these old lady shoes as my husband calls them:)

OOOh comfort!

Hair and make-up.

My hair is straight like in the first I curled it with the flat Iron to go with the 40's look I was going for.
The make-up is what I wear most of the time,a natural look.

I hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for reading!:)


  1. You look adorable both ways! New follower from Wed hop. I think this is a great idea by the way. We all need to be inspired to be our best!

    1. thank you for following!I love the idea too:)

  2. Erika, I'm visiting for the first time from today's hop. I love your attitude, your positivity, and your outfit!

    Have a wonderful day!


    1. Oh thank you Sarah!And thank you for the visit!I will return it soon!

  3. I love your hair curled! Looks great!

  4. SO cute Erika! I love the outfit with the skirt and your hair looks adorable curly! Thanks for linking up tot the blog hop...already following :)

    1. thank you!and thank you for following too!!:)

  5. You look like Kathrine Heigl in that last picture! Cute outfit - both of them! I did the same thing with a sweater this week - two ways...but I only snagged a picture of one outfit! Maybe next week, right?

    1. :)) I do love Kathrine!So thank you for that!I did see your blog post by the way ,I love the lace peeking through!

  6. Both looks are cute. Love your hair, both ways! It's a really cute length!

  7. You're so pretty! I love that flared grey skirt! I was actually thinking with that haircut you looked like Michelle Williams! :) xo, Reannah

    1. oh thank you,she was my inspiration when I got my hair cut short!:)

  8. Great shirt! Looks awesome with the skirt and great with jeans.

  9. You did a great job putting your look together. I you looked awesome! I am a new follower from the Follow Me Wednesday Blog Hop. I would love for you to hop over to Saving and Sharing It and follow back.



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