Saturday, 18 February 2012

double birthday party

Hannah's party wear!:)Emma has a T-shirt with 3 on it...tutorial coming soon!

We are getting ready for a double birthday party !Hannah turns 1 and Emma 3!They're birthdays are 5  days apart,so this year we decided we will have one big party for both of them..I don't think that will work out in the future but for now we are good this way.
So we choose as the party team....the princess and a frog,NOT the Disney movie.
Just a lot of pink and royal food,two princesses and some frogs(that they have to kiss..:)))some fun games and two happy little girls!
In my mind the party is my mind the things I plan and organise are always great...I don't know about real life tough...:)
I guess we will have to wait and see.The party is next Saturday....time flays!!


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  1. sounds very interesting!can't wait to see pictures.good luck in organize the party:)kisses


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