Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Happy First Birthday Hannah!!

My baby girl is 1!!!

We are so blessed  having you in our life!
You are a beautiful and happy baby girl!You love to cuddle and be hold, especially by daddy,you are such a daddy's girl!!
You like to eat and try new food,you are curious and very smart,you make a toy out of anything you can` play with a plastic cup for 30  min:).(that's a lot of time for you..:))
We love your cheeky smile and joyful laugh!
We love you with all our hart and pray that you grow up loving and obeying our Lord.

Mommy and daddy.
                                                              Birthday breakfast.

...and cake in the evening when daddy came home from work.



  1. Happy birthday to your little Hannah! Looks like she had a super birthday. What a lovely cake.
    That last photo is just adorable, what a cute family you have.

  2. Thank you Daisy!I'm crazy about them !!:)


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