Wednesday, 22 February 2012

WIWW- pinterest edition

I didn't slack this week,no sir...not me!:) But...I don't have any good picture to show you,they were all made in a hurry,by my husband....blurry..out of focus....he hates taking pictures or being in one(if there is a funny pose...then he is up for it!...)I MAKE him stand for pictures almost every time,I keep saying the same thing.."wen you are old and grey you will thank ME for all the memories(pictures)"....he would probably be content with just one this one :

just like my grandma used to have on her wall:) becose I don't have any good pic to show you this wednesday here are some of my Pinterest pins that inspire me.I can't wait  for spring to come!


For the source of the photos go to my Pinterest My style bord and clik on the pic.:)


  1. we miss you on wiww:)...about your husband, i understand perfectly, my boyfriend is the same:P...hihi

  2. Love all your pins... super cute style. :)


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