Wednesday, 8 February 2012


What I Wore Wednesday was created by blogger Lindsay from The Pleated Poppy to help stay at home Mommies like me to get out of their t-shirts and sweats and to put a little effort into themselves every day.
I wear pretty much the same accessories every my watch and my necklace (I'll do a review on the necklace in a different post) and the ring that I LOVE  it just go's with everything!
The bracelets are the only thing I mix and mach.I can't wear long necklaces because baby Hannah (ho is going to be ONE this month,by the way,crazyyyy ,I know!! to faaast!!!:) ) is going to pull on them,she broke the one that I wear ll the time twice already...:(

So here you go...only one outfit this post...I'm bad...I know,I'm just waiting for spring so I can get out more...:)

Coat - Papaya

Cardigan - H&M
Blouse - Marks and Spencer
Trousers - Next
Boots - Next

Watch - Fossil Vintage
Bracelets - pink one (made by me),gold one - Accessorise

Thank you for reading!!


  1. Hi Erika, so glad I have found your blog through blog hopping!
    Love your blouse, Marks and Spencers you say, might go and check them out!
    Nice to have found a fellow "British" blogger ;)

    1. Yay!!I'm glad too Daisy!Thank for following!!

  2. Love the watch and that jacket! Ok...and I really really love the name of your blog. ;-)

  3. Very cute.
    I'm sure you've heard this remind me of Elisha Cuthert!

    1. Elisha Cuthert is a first...I got Kathrine Heigl or Michelle Williams,thank you, all are beautiful ladies so thank you!!

  4. Your style is absolutely adorable! And I love your hairstyle! :)


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