Wednesday, 15 February 2012


This edition of What I Wore Wednesday is inspired by a Pinterest pin on My Style board,and if you don't follow me on Pinterest..oh should!:)
First of,I have to say, it's kind of addictive...but I do get a lot of inspiration from it.

So here is the pin that inspired me:

and here is my take on it..

...that's me and my hubby going out on a date on Valentine's day.
(I did put on shoes before we left the house!..:)..) some black you know..can't walk in heels!

Cardigan- H&M
Dress - Sticky Fingers
Belt - H&M

We went to a Turkish restaurant and had a lovely dinner,and sat next to an adorable old couple ho were so nice to each other,they were really an inspiration!
We met  a  Turkish waiter that spoke a little Romanian (he has a Romanian girlfriend) and got invited back to the restaurant to get to meet her .
Hope we will go back soon,the food was REALLY GOOD! :)

How did you spent your Valentine's day?



  1. you are wonderful!!!a beautiful couple...♥ i like pinterest too, and yes is true that can be very addictive...hihi but what can we do:)kisses

  2. This is a great interpretation of that pinterest outfit, so cute I love it!


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