Monday, 5 March 2012

Two Princesses and a Frog Birthday Party

Last  Sunday we had a double party for our girls.
Hannah celebrated her first birthday and Emma turned 3!
We celebrated each one on their actual birthdays(witch are 5 days apart) but we did one big party with friends and family.
You can see the post on their birthdays here and here.

We had a princesses and a frog birthday party(not the Disney one).Some tutorials from what I made for the party are coming up soon,so stay close!

Enjoy the photos!

For food I made a veggie tray that is not complete in this pic,the chicken bites were still in the oven as well as the ham and cheese croissants that we had with the salad and store bought pizza... shaped sandwiches .

We had two tables,one for food and one for sweets.The sweets were cake pops
( Oreo biscuits with mascarpone cheese ,covered in pink chocolate),Oreo pops,just Oreo biscuits on a stick covered with the same pink chocolate.I put them all in a jar filed with marshmallows and jelly beans.

They didn't turn out as pretty looking as I in visioned them  but they still tasted pretty good!!
The kids loved them.
They were really time consuming !

The "star of the show" in my opinion was the organic yogurt with fruits.

Healthy and pretty!:)

Emma's cake..the cake pops ,the little card fairies, I cut them out of an old birthday card...

Hannah's cake.

with cake pops all around.


I love the paper straws!

The Birthday banner was inspired by Martha Steward's.

As party decor we had paper pompoms around paper garden lanterns, that we put instead of our regular lights.

...and a table centre piece with my girls initials and a flower made out of cup cake liners .
It was pretty easy to do.(tutorial coming soon).

The Frog Prince.(tutorial coming soon).

...and some lovely flowers.

I had set up a craft table that I can't find the before pictures of.
We had some plate decorating with fabric paint pens , glitter glue pens( a lot of pens), glitter shapes and gem stones..and of course crayons
.I had to go with card plates because I run out of time,they were suppose to be crowns...o well..they had fun!
We also had some magic card carriage shaped..thing...that you scratch the black paint off with a wooden stick to revel different colours...can you tell that I'm not English? No? Not yet?!....
.....Boy I'm good!:))

For games we had Frog Bowling ,Stick the candy on the window contest,
  Kiss the frog that the adults join in too.

Tape some sticky cover film for books to the window, add two small buckets of gems looking candy for each team, and you have a fun contest !
Stick as many candy as you can!!
The candy was the prize!:)

For party wear..I made them these t-shirts/baby body with tulle numbers on and lace at the bottom.(tutorial coming soon)

It was a success!The girls had fun!
Happy birthday girls!!

Thank you for reading!



  1. Oh everything looked so bright and cheerful.
    The decorations are so pretty. I love the crown shaped sandwiches and the amazing cake. Would love to hear the cake pop recipe.
    Looks like they had an amazing time.

    1. Thanks Daisy,they did enjoyed it!The recipe will be up in a few days!Thank you so much for reading and commenting!They are very much appreciated!X

  2. Where did you get those things and pieces for the party???

    1. What are the things and pieces you are refering to?Cups..plates,tablewear-ebay...:)

  3. everything looks sooo sweeet and perfect!!!you did a veryyy great job with the party:)♥ it:*

  4. WOW great looking party! Love your blog too!
    New follower from the 3 four and under hop!

  5. Thank you Emilee!!Thank you for following!

  6. how cute!! the sandwiches are my fav!

    1. thanks!and thank you for your visit!:)

  7. What an adorable party! I love the sandwiches!

  8. So creative! How did you cut the sandwiches?

    1. Thank you. :)I used a cookie/biscuit cutter.


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