Sunday, 1 April 2012

Bowling Frogs - tutorial

Here it is, as  promised, the tutorial for the bowling frogs and the party mascot the Frog Prince that I made for the girls birthday party posted here.

You will need acrylic paint and six tin cans.
 Try to use the ones that have a pull top lid, so the can is left with a smooth, clean edge after it's opened.
I used one of my girls book for inspiration but you can google "frog prince" and you will have plenty of choices to draw the prince on..Each one looks different.I painted everything with two coats to create a good solid color.

Here are the step by step in pictures.

I painted on some dots to make them look more "realistic".:)
Simple and easy.
I used a soft ball to toss at the bowling pins.
The kids had fun playing this game.
I hope you enjoyed the tutorial,see you next time.


  1. cool! I like the frog idea too! thanks for checking out my project and becoming a follower :) I'm your newest follower :)


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