Wednesday, 4 April 2012

WIWW - Pinterest inspiration

        Because the weather here is's snowing..and raining..yes, at the same time!!Just a few days ago Emma was asking for snow and I was trying to explain her that the winter is gone, this is spring time,and we did all kind of springy crafts and plant flowers.......she must be very am I!
For this edition of What I wore Wednesday I give you some Pinterest inspiration from my style board to make me fell better!:)

One thing you should know about me...I Love Lace!

                                                    I love her hair style!

 can you tell..?

(that's me)

                                                        See you next time !


  1. That read dress is incredible! And I really do love your hairstyle! I try something similar with mine, but it never turns out quite like that, probably because I have zero natural curl. Love it!

    Found you through the Pleated Poppy, btw! Looking forward to checking out more!

    1. Thank you.I have zero natural curl too!:) I use a flat iron to curl it..type "how to curl your hair with a flat iron" on youtube and you will find a ton of easy and step by step tutorials!

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  3. You have very good taste! Love those styles. Following you back!!


  4. stumbled onto your blog via the blog hop and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed this post!! new follower :-)

  5. Pinterest rocks! I am now following you from the blog hop. You have a very adorable blog here, happy to have found it.

  6. hi there! i found you over at the blog hop and happily following you. the lace pics above are great! i especially love that orange-red dress.
    hope you have a chance to check me out too.

    take care,


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