Wednesday, 23 May 2012


The sunny days are finally here!
Oh you, lovely summer, please stay forever now!:)
It was a lovely day yesterday(and today),the sun made everything sparkle,no joke!
I loved it!
England is very beautiful when is not all rainy and cloudy.
As always, I'm linking to the lovely Lindsay's blog for WIWW.
Go over there to find out more about it!It's so much fun!

Cardigan- Principles

Blouse- Primark


Shoes - Tom's

Watch -Fossil

Necklace- Amy Cornwell Designs

We went for a long walk and stopped by this lovely house that I see all the time driving pass it.
It is a beautiful old house that I think it's rented now as flats/apartments.
I would love to live in it,or at least to see it every morning...anyway...I think it is a private property...but we sneaked in trough the OPEN gate and took some pictures!:)
No I have not lost IT!
It is just a very beautiful house!!:) are now probably thanking God I am not your neighbour,ha?)


See you next time!
Fingers crossed I don't go to jail for trespassing!!
Do they have Internet connection in there?A next WIWW will not look good from jail...




  1. You're so adorable! LOVE the sweater.

  2. Lovely House, Makes for an Amazing Background! Darling Daughter!!!!!
    Found you on the, wanted to stop by and say hello! pippa


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