Saturday, 23 June 2012

Fairy Lights

I love fairy lights...
there is just something magical about them(not in the way they work..ha!)

the way that it can transform a can put fairy light on an abandoned,demolished building and it will look so romantic and dreamy...

I'm a romantic..I know..
I like them all year round not just for Christmas,
they go perfectly in the summer for that romantic(imaginary) dinner in the garden,a tulle play tent for my girls in their room were we can imagine we are fairies!They would love that!

I used to work as a wedding planner,and after we decorated the venue my favourite part was turning on the fairy lights they just transformed the room,everything looks better in that light...I might just carry them with me wherever I much?ok.

Have a fairy weekend!

PS: I am sooo going to buy me a bike!




  1. For an elegant display, you could try white flowers with clear or pale blue fairy lights, or for something altogether more eye-catching opt for a spray of multicolored blooms with equally colorful fairy lights.

  2. I love fairy lights too :) xx


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