Friday, 15 June 2012

random friday

Hey Guys!
Here's a peek at the past 2 -3 weeks from the view of my camera phone.
Liking up with the lovely jeannett.

We went to our local swimming pool . 

Sometimes I find them playing nicely together(it those not happen often)
and it makes my hart melt:)

We visited our duck friends.
In UK...were there is water,  ducks are there too!

I love her to pieces!

The girls did some crafting with their auntie.

I try to be a bit creative with the girls lunch ... here are some octopuses....pigs...I don't know....

We had a church get together and  I made semi home made Oreos

The best Daddy in action!

Excited about new cups...

We made some chocolate chip muffins.

I went on a date with my girls and  we had so much fun!
and yummy treats!

 Mr Tiger goes everywhere!

We have been painting houses:)

How was your week?



  1. Awesome photos, the girl's lunch looks interesting! My son loves me getting creative with his meals. Thanks for following me, I have followed back. Have a great weekend with your beautiful family x

    1. thank you.
      here is a post about the lunch :

  2. Wow! You had a fun week. Love all the pics and details. Great post. New follower from Aloha hop. Love for you to follow back when you get a chance.

  3. Thank you for following Amanda's Books and More at

    Your girls are so cute! It looks like you guys have a lot of fun!
    Tina - author and mom blogger (I have 4 active blogs and share a 5th with hubby)

  4. So fun! New follower from Local Sugar's blog hop! I host an Instagram party on Thursdays, this post would be perfect! You should link up!


    1. I will,thank you for the invite!

  5. hello from the aloha friday hop- your kiddos are so cute and what a great mama for spending so much time together! cheers!

  6. How did you get the noodles through the sausages? What a full week you had and everyone looks happy!

    Tina - mom of 4, author, and blogger at

    1. I made a blog post about it,just for you :) here it is:

  7. found you from local sugar blog hop-sooo creative on those octopus hot dog thingys- or whatever yo call them :) cute blog and adorable babies!


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