Tuesday, 17 July 2012

hide your veggies - Pasta & meatballs with hidden veggies!

Filling your child's stomach with green goodness may require you to get creative.
A bowl of zucchini may not seem fun but add them in the food that they already love and trust me,they will eat them.

My girls love pasta.So I try to combine what they love with what they are not so crazy about ,like veggies.Emma my oldest is not a fussy eater...wile baby Hannah...oh my...she feeds herself...she will spit zucchini or any other veggie out of her mouth like it's poison!It's a challenge feeding her.
So if you got that problem with your little one here is one recipe that worked for my Hannah.
I will post more healthy baby (toddler)food,so stay close!:)

Make these mini meatballs small enough for your baby to pick up and eat as a finger food.You can use other meats such as chicken ,beef or lamb.Chose pasta shapes that are small,fun and easy for them to eat .

What you will need:
(makes 12-15 meatballs)

70 g minced turkey
half of a small onion- finely chopped
1 small carrot- grated
half of a medium size zucchini-grated
half of tsp grated garlic
1 free range egg
1 tsp olive oil
salt and paper to taste

dried pasta

For the tomato sauce:
1tsp olive oil
tomato juice
1 small clove of garlic-grated
I don't measure my spices I just add them to taste...just add little by little.

To make the meatballs,put the mince,onion,garlic,all the grated veggies,egg,oil and spices into a bowl and mix them well using a hand blender...or your very own hands!:)Make sure they are clean!
Divide and shape the mixture into even bite-sized balls.
Line a baking sheet with parchment paper(baking) place the meet balls on to the baking sheet and bake them for 20 min at 160C.

For the sauce:
Put the olive oil in a small saucepan and  stir in the grated garlic for about 1-2 min then add the tomato juice and spices and cook for about 5min.
Cook the pasta in a separate sauce pan according to the packet instructions.Drain.Serve the pasta topped with the meatballs and sauce.

Here is the result!



  1. mami gateste bineeeeeeeeeeee

  2. This recipe looks super yummy!

  3. great idea!! I also like sneaking in vegetables in smoothies!!

    1. I never tryed it in smoothies,I'll give it a go!Thank you!

  4. I love this, looks yummy. I'm a new follower and would love if you followed me back! www.iheartpears.blogspot.com

  5. so cute! thanks for following me on my aloha friday blog! aloha friday is an extension of my main blog: kendrakaypahukoa@blogspot.com. i would love love if you would come follow there- its so much more fun and doesnt only come out on fridays!! thanks so much and have an awesome day!!!

  6. thanks for linking up! hope to see you next week!

  7. I will surely make this recipe as my little girl loves to eat meatballs.

  8. I do the same thing to my toddler... I hide them in an omelette or I chop them and put them in the pasta sauce! And when I cook him some hamburgers, he's not disturbed by the salad into them.
    I stopped by from ClaireJustine's blog hop, I'm now a new follower (GFC) Have a nice week end ;)


    1. thank you so much for stoping by and folowing!

  9. This works so much better when they are little. As they age, they catch on to all these little tricks...and you might think they would have grown to like it that way...but tis not so! :) Hope it lasts a long time for you.
    Keep up the God work.

  10. Oh my...the older one still likes it,she 3 1/2 years old...I realy hope it lasts!:))) thank you !

  11. What a great idea! We have zucchini coming out our ears! I never thought to put it in meatballs! :)

    1. :)) they were a hit with my girls!

  12. Thanks so much for linking up with Zillions of Zucchini! :)

  13. Just wanted you to know I featured this amazing recipe today on Disney Baby. If for some reason you want it removed please let me know via twitter @beckarobinson

    1. wow, thank you so much! You just made my day!


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