Friday, 6 July 2012

Random Friday

This,again,is an update randomness from our past weeks,as I don't post them every Friday...(well,because my life is not that exciting:)... here is a  view of  our life through my camera phone.

Liking up with the lovely jeannett.

How many kids can you count?:) We only have two but I would love to have more,my husband too,you can see the "excitement" on his face!:) 

God morning:)
She is very independent,she will only eat by herself!

We went on a date,just the two of us!

We had carrot cake for the first time,it was delicious!

She is a fish,she loves bath time..both of them do.

Yes,this is the English summer!

Oh wait there is more...

We had this too!!

Mr Tiger got a friend...a they go everywhere with Hannah...

She is brave!

see...:)I hope she will stay that way..but I pray she will be wise too!


They wanted to take a pretend nap on the living room lasted about 5 min

they love the window cleaner!

we had some sunny days too...

they do love each other!

can you spy Mr.Tiger?

This is the exact way I would study when I was in school.:)
Like mother like daughter!

Yes,he is my husband...and yes he is that cute!I miss him so much,he's been away this week in Ireland!He will be home tonight!Thank you Jesus!

How was your week?Any hail?!



  1. Erika, great pictures.. I miss taking pictures so much, I think I'll start do this Random Friday thing, too:)... Right now we are packing 'cause we're moving on Monday.. I'll write a post about it, I have no idea when I'll have time. I'm glad your hubby is coming home tonight, I know how hard is when he's far. Your girls are precious!!! Can't wait to have my kids, too :)

    1. Thank you!You should do a random friday!I would love to see your pic!Adi is home safe!Thank you Lord!I can't wait for your post!I love moving...the idea of a fresh start!(not so much the packing part:))

  2. Ai o familie asa de frumoasa, Erika!!! Fetele tale sunt niste printese, iar hot momma!
    Cristina Chelariu

    1. Multumesc Cristina!:)big hug from one hot momma to another!:)))

  3. Your family is so adorable! I love the shot of your daughter with the crazy bath hair. I can't wait for my daughter's hair to grow long enough for me to take embarrassing photo's for her future boyfriends lol.

    New follower via blog hop :)

    The Importance of Being Reese

    1. thank you so much Reese!By the way,I love your name!:)

  4. Lovely shots looks like you've had lots of fun this week :)

    1. yes we did.thank you for stoping by!)


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