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How to host a last-minute get together

 You have a spur of the moment get together with your friends?

Your in-laws just called...they are at your door steps less then an hour?

Don't panic!I will share with you how you can  pull off a gracious get together in your home using what you already have in your house, with only an hour of notice and with two kids around...a 3 year old and 18 month old.I did it,and so can you!
You may need to pray first!

First things first!

Tidy up!Get a  laundry basket and go throughout the public spaces to gather up all the unnecessary clutter: toys, books etc.Get the kids involved too.
 Quickly clean the bathroom and vacuum the floors and carpets in the rooms that will be used for the event if you need to.
 Remember that your home does not have to be sanitised or clean enough to eat off the floor in order to host guests.If your guests get close enough to notice that your floor isn’t perfectly clean, then they are not  really your friends!


When I say food I mean appetiser.It would be ideal to have some appetiser staples at all times in  your fridge and pantry...I didn't, just so that this would be helpful   for the worse case scenario too.
Go to your pantry and fridge,see what ingredients you have and plan the menu in your had wile you vacuum.Multitasking !
If you have eggs,boil them now.They need time to cool.You will use them for stuffed eggs.

Here are some quick appetiser ideas:

-stuffed eggs
- tuna sandwiches
-Salmon sandwiches
-egg sandwiches
- cheese sandwiches
- veggie tray & Dip
- crackers,bread sticks,crisps(chips)
-cheese & grapes
-Fresh fruits
-cherry tomatoes,fresh basil& mozzarella  on skewers.
 -bruschetta with goat cheese, pesto and cherry tomatoes,
-cream cheese stuffed pepper

So here is what I have found in my fridge and pantry:

They all turned in to this:

Now that you are done with your food, empty your sink of dishes.Hide them  wash them .
A cluttered sink can make your whole kitchen look messy.

I still have my kids around...they are busy with a snack and playing with some neon coloured plasters.:)

I have made:

Stuffed eggs with a mix of yolk,cream cheese ,Brussels Pate and a bit of mustard an mayonnaise.
Crisp rolls (brusqeta) with cream cheese,cherry tomatoes and parsley.
Sandwiches with Pink Salmon and mayonnaise.
Crisps with hummus and onions.
Veggie tray
Fresh fruits.


Now that your food is done and ready to be placed on the table,take time to place everything together nicely,if you hurry to much it will show,wipe off any spills and make sure all your table wear are clean.
I put the decor  last on the list,but to be honest,to me that is the first thing I think about and do.
You need to be creative with what you have.
Think outside the box.
If you don't have fresh flowers use your pot of parsley or gather some different sized glasses with some candles.It would make a world of a difference to your table setting and to your guests as well.It will show that  you put an effort and  they are important to you
 and that you are way better then Martha Stewart!
Your food can be decor as well.
Instead of using a traditional veggie tray,put your veggies in wine glasses and the dip too.
Or use a pepper to put the yogurt dip in.

Give your veggies a royal treatment and
use a cake stand to display them
and you have your self a pretty  table centrepiece.

It is all in the details.

Paint the foot of the glass with chalk paint and you can write your initial or full name if you need to.
I saw this idea on Pinterest way back ,it is genius,it looks pretty and it's very useful!

Now breathe.
You are done ,with minutes to spare!

 And if all fails remember that an inviting atmosphere and gracious host goes much further than a four-star meal and fancy decor .Smile and they will not notice the mess under the sofa.

PS - Today was supposed to be Embrace the camera,but I don't have any new I'm skipping, just this time!:)
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  1. I love this post! I will admit that I have put the dirty dishes in the oven a couple of times :P

    1. The oven!!Way didn't I think of that?Now that, is a genius idea!I will have to remember that next time!Thank you!

  2. I love this post, so helpful. And I love the menu you created as well as how you put it.

    And yes, you are better than Martha Stewart!

    1. ha ha ha I am no way near as good as Martha!..but thank you,you are more then sweet!

  3. Erika, can I come over to your house couple of weeks to learn your magic?... :) I had to improvise once... and my home-made salad dressing just saved me: I made spaghetti with "chiftele"(how do you say it in english, by the way?...) and salad... I'm not sure if they liked the spaghetti, but the salad dressing was the hero for the day.

    Anyway, I cannot compare you to Martha Stewart, there's no such thing as comparison between you two. And that vegetable platter just made me crave some pepper (that's a first!!!)

    1. chiftele I think is meatballs,I am no way as good as Martha:))you are welcomed any time Vio!!Thank you!!

  4. Great post! You make everything look so beautiful! hehe Visiting you from Follow Me Wednesday link up. Looking forward to following you and your cute little blog. I blog over at See ya around!

  5. this is a great idea! thank you so much for sharing, i am the worst as last minute preparations :)

    new follower, please stop on by:

  6. Great idea,would love to stop by for a party hehe :) thanks for joining us at welcome to the weekend hop I need some yummy strawberries now...

  7. Hi,
    I just found you from Me and the Moon link up, look forward to reading along :)

    Natalie x

  8. Great post, I love your ideas. I'm a new follower from the blog hop.
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  9. wow, such great tips and that chalkboard tray! Amazing!

    1. thank you Amy!Have a great weekend!

  10. You just made me feel like I could have people over in the next half hour! Great ideas :o)
    Thanks for linking up with Keep Calm & Link Up! We're thrilled you joined us and can't wait to see what you have in store next week!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by !I hope you have a fun weekend!Maybe host a get together?:)

  11. Thank you for linking this up to Mommy Solutions! I am featuring you on my facebook page! What great tips!


    1. Oh wow,thank you so much!Have a gret weekend!

  12. I heart your blog! I'm a new GFC follower :)

  13. What fantastic ideas! Looks so lovely!
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    Kerrie @Family Food and Travel

  14. Hi Erika.
    Looks like a great spread. I'll be right over... ;-) I'm your newest follower. I hope you'll stop by for a visit and maybe even a follow back. Have a lovely weekend!

  15. WOAH! That looks amazing! Love love love the chalkboard tray and wineglasses! ♥

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  17. great tips and ideas! you have it figured out!!!

  18. You are super organized! What cute ideas, and I love your dip holder. What a simple and elegant idea - a bell pepper! I will have to remember that!

    I am now following you, found you on the Winthrop Chronicles! Kari


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