Friday, 17 August 2012

I am freaked out!

My heart baby girl Emma is not a baby anymore.In less then two weeks she will start preschool.I have to leave her there with some strangers for 3 hours every single day!!
OK,I might exaggerate a bit...but still,I am freaked out!
I mean,in a blink of n aye I will wave her good bay to collage,meet her boyfriend...cry at her wedding!!!!...

OK...I need to breathe and pray!

Time just flew away...I just sow her tinny face for the first time,kissed her little soft and pink cheeks.
And now...she is of to to face the big, crazy, beautiful world.

P.S.Yes that is me with dark hair and baby Emma!:)She will always be my baby!



  1. Awwww! Such beautiful pics! I hear ya on being freaked out. 'baby' is headed to kindergarten on Tuesday and my oldest is going to start his last year of grade school. :( I remember 2 yrs ago taking M to preschool for the first time and I barely made it out wihtout the tears. But honestly, it doesn't really matter what grade they are going into, I get freaked out every year. Something about school starting up and moving to a new grade makes me realize how fast my babies are growing.
    So pass the tissues....I'll be right there. :)

    1. Oh my!Thank you Deanna!When I went to have a tour of the preschool and talk to the teachers I went home I am pretty sure it is going to be worse this time!:) Emma is totally exited about it,she can't wait to go!I'm just happy she is not a cry baby like her mama!:)

  2. It will definitely be a change and difficult to deal with at first, but most certainly will get better with time. Just take each day one at a time and enjoy every moment.

    Just stopping by from [a traveling Wife]!

  3. Your little girl is so adorable! What beautiful pictures and heartfelt words! I'm glad I found your blog! I look forward to getting to know you and seeing more of that darling little angel in your arms!

    Newest follower
    Of Thoughts and Things

  4. Oh, such beautiful photos of you two!! Best of luck with her pre-school!
    Visiting you from the Aloha bloghop! I am now following you! Do visit my blog when you get a chance!

  5. Oh I am sure I will be so sad when my baby goes to school too. I have two older ones and when they went to kindergarten a cried both times! It just becomes such a reality that they grow up!
    Found you on the blog hop and love your blog! Love your recipes and you fashion!!

  6. Well, I don't have babies (yet), but my oldest niece is gonna be driving in couple of months. This year she's gonna take Driver's Education as a class in school, and she's all over the place with it, so excited she keeps talking only about how she's gonna be able to get her permit. The other day she made dinner by herself... When I talked with my sister (her mom) afterwards, I was the one crying cause my nieces and nephews are big now. I can only try to imagine how you feel... :)

    PS: I'll be starting blogging again... Finally!!!! So come on over whenever you have the time.. :)

  7. Ugh, I'm right there with you, friend! My boy starts school for the first time this year and I'm totally freaked out about him too! (even though he's not my first!). I'm a new follower from the Aloha hop, and I'd love a follow back at when you get a chance! :) I would also love for you to come link up this post at the Mommy-Brain Mixer, which happens every Thursday!

  8. They grow so fast Erika! But we can enjoy them while we can. I hope she enjoys school.

  9. I LOVE sunflowers and that field is so beautiful!!

  10. Hi Erika, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris


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