Friday, 31 August 2012

If God is all you have, you have enough!

When you sit in a hospital bed and can't get up for a glass of water or using the bathroom you realise God is all you have and that is enough.
I was alone for a few weeks in the hospital after my hip surgery.
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There was no button to push if I needed anything,I would just pray for someone to pass by my door so I can call out for water or something for the pain or help with my toilet needs.:)
This was in a Romanian hospital, more then 12 years ago.
It was a blessing to be in that situation..depending on God for every little thing,I am so thankful that I kept a journal in that time, so I will never forget that God is faithful, He keeps His word!
I would write down my fears, my pain, dreams about my future, that I will have a family of my own,a husband that would put God first and maybe..just maybe
I look at my life now and I just can't belive it...God blessed me with more then I ever asked for.
There is no grater pain(physical or emotional)that He can not understand!
You may feel lost in the storm and feel there is no way out, the pain is to big...just stop for a minute and know that your God knows you future, He sees things in perspective, you will get through it, hold on to your faith, look up to your God and not what is around you, listen to His word and ...PRAY, pray for wisdom along the way!
Stick to God, stay on the right path and blessings are about to come...look for them even in the storm!
I am living proof that things do get better.:)


  1. Love that picture!! It's so true! He is there to help us if all we do is ask!! (: Found you from the blog hop!

  2. I love and agree with your perspective!

  3. Awesome post giving Him all the glory.

  4. This was such an encouraging post. I'm now following you, too!


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