Wednesday, 1 August 2012

WIWW- style inspiration

Hello there.
All I have for you today is my style inspiration lately...
I do have to thank Lindsey for this great idea ,because taken pictures of what I wore has helped me define my style.
 I don't find my self buying random clothes anymore that I think there are cute and ending up not liking them after a few days...
I know what looks good on me  and what I really like now....

Have you noticed that Jennifer Lopez kinda' has the same style in her movies...kind of earthy..feminine, style (I know it's a long name...but I don't know how to describe it in just one word,if you do,please in light me!) Very different from her glamorous day to day diva life.
That is the style that I really
It my change..
I mean...when I was 16, I wore very baggy Jeans and T-shirts..rapper style (I couldn't rap even if my life depended on it)this was when I waked really funny and I was just trying to hide my legs,my body..everything went in to more feminine..posh kind of style...and now this....earthy thing...I don't really know what I am talking about.

Any is what I'm trying to explain to you guys.

I like Jessica Alba's style too...(yes I  like to go on OMG yahoo to look at celebrity mums ..what are they wearing and doing with their's therapeutic...don't judge!)


I hope you have a good day...mine is not going that great...hope tomorrow will be better!



  1. I don't pay so little attention to celebs but I do love looking at Celeb Mom styles with their kids.

    1. I glad I'm not the only one!haha thanks:)

  2. Great inspiration! I particularly like the blue maxi with yellow cardi. Maybe I would be more interested in my maxis if I created interesting color combinations like that one.

    1. I'm glad you got inspierd!I love a maxi's comfy!:)Hve a great week!Thank you for stoping by!


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