Thursday, 6 September 2012

Embrace the camera 06/09/2012


If you are new here, here is more about Embrace the camera:

The lovely Emily over at The Anderson Crew had this great idea of turning the camera around on you(me).
I started this blog to record in some way our life, my girls life so that they will know how much they were/are loved and how big of a blessing they are to us, they make us complete...

and usually I am the one behind the camera taken the pictures...but I'm not in them that much...

and as sad as it may be ,

one day, we won't be around...

do we really just want to be a distant memory?

Pictures are a way to remind our loved ones of what we once were regardless of how we look ,

they will treasure those photos one day! It doesn't need to be with a good camera. It just needs to be you, with your kids, husband, or someone else who may be near and dear to your heart.

So Emily is hosting Embrace the camera every Thursday were you can link up !

Lets make some beautiful memories!
I have Hannah with me embracing the camera!
She is growing so fast!She amazes us every day on how bright she is!
She is also the clown of the house!

In love with Bradgate Park(we are park people, if you couldn't tell).

The park is home to herds of red deer and fallow deer .
It's so beautiful and peaceful .

PS - Yes I got bangs!:)What do you think?Yay or nay?


  1. I love this Embrace Life and I believe it 100%. I find that if you do not make the time to spent quality time with your kids, nothing gets done. The most important thing to me is to see them smile.
    I posted a few pictures of my kids having fun over the summer. You should check it out.

    PS Beautiful pictures by the way.

    1. Thank you Jillian!Loved your pictures!Thank you so much for stopping by!

  2. Beautiful photos!
    Wow, can you approach the deer or do they run away, what an amazing thing to see so up close.
    Loving the bangs girly!

    1. Hey Daisy,thank you!You can not touch them but they walk pretty close to you,it is realy amazing!

  3. as always your embrace the camera photos are beautiful. Yay for the bangs, of course. it suited you well.

    1. And as always you are so sweet!Thank you!!I can't stop thinking about your little girl sparkly skirt!I'm on a look out for my girls!In love with it!:)

  4. I love the bangs!! Great pictures :)

  5. such sweet photos. and yes on the bangs!

    1. yay thanks:)!Havea great week(end)!:)

  6. Love the bangs! I love the last photo the best!

  7. Hi!

    I'm stopping in from the Friday Chaos blog hop! I am one of the co-hosts this week and I'm so glad you linked up! That park looks so neat!

    I hope you have an awesome weekend!


  8. I love the bangs!
    Very fun idea about the photos.

  9. Not normally a fan of bangs, but you're ROCKING the look. ;) I could never pull it off.

    Following you from the GFC blog hop. Love to invite you to the Weekend Blog Walk @ At Home Take 2. Hope to see you there!



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