Thursday, 13 September 2012

Embrace the camera 13/09/2012

I love taking family pictures !  Can you tell?:)
I've been praying for a family since I can remember, now,
by God's grace I have been blessed with one.
So I am celebrating it!
I love taking pictures using natural light,I don't have a fancy camera and I'm not a pro, but what I do know is that the best pictures come out when you use natural light.
So to the park we went with some friends and some soap bubbles!
I am linking up again this week with the lovely Emily from The Anderson Crew for her weekly Embrace the camera link-up.
Come and join me,and make some beautiful memories with your loved ones. 
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Thank you for reading!
Have a lovely rest of the week!


  1. Great looking family! You should take lots of family pics! I make my husband jump in them as often as I can :)

  2. The picture of you and your husband looking at each other is so sweet, there is so much love there. Lovely family!

  3. Lovely! You guys look great!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Erika. You have a lovely family!

  5. as always beautiful pictures and what a beautiful family.


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