Thursday, 4 October 2012

Checking things off of our Family Fall Bucket list./Embrace the camera 04/10/2012

We went to the Museum,yaaay.
It was on our Family Fall Bucket list so ...Check!
It was the first time for the girls.
They were so overwhelmed about everything,Hannah (my 19 months  old baby girl) ,she kept saying Waaaw..Waaaw...(Wow) over and over again.
Emma was a bit scared at first of the big Dino in the pic,but she loved the Animal expo and the Children Museum !
We had fun!
I'm linking up for the Embrace the camera over at The Anderson Crew.
Click here to learn more.
And if you are wandering were am I in the pictures....
I'm embracing the camera with a mummy...yep,you'll see!
Enjoy the pictures!
Sorry they are all phone pictures,I forgot the camera at home,I know ,I 'm kicking my self still!


Have a good day!


  1. Looks like so much fun! I love the pics of you two and the mummy! haha it is REALLY nice to meet you thank you for stopping by my blog and spending the time to comment and get to know each other!

  2. My oldest loves Dinosaurs. He would have loved this place! Stopping by from the hop!

    1. thank you for stopping by!Have a great weekend!

  3. Love all of your photos! New follower from the hop!


  4. this looks like such a fun day, love the last two photos :D thanks for linking up for the aloha friday hop :)

  5. Such fun pics! What a precious family you have! Found you through the blog hop:)


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