Thursday, 8 November 2012

Embrace the camera 08/11/2012


If you are new here, here is more about Embrace the camera:

The lovely Emily over at The Anderson Crew had this great idea of turning the camera around on you(me).
I started this blog to record in some way our life, my girls life so that they will know how much they were/are loved and how big of a blessing they are to us, they make us complete...
and usually I am the one behind the camera taken the pictures...but I'm not in them that much...
and as sad as it may be ,

one day, we won't be around...
                                                do we really just want to be a distant memory?

Pictures are a way to remind our loved ones of what we once were regardless of how we look ,
they will treasure those photos one day!
 It doesn't need to be with a good camera.
It just needs to be you, with your kids, husband,
or someone else who may be near and dear to your heart.

So Emily is hosting Embrace the camera every Thursday were you can link up !

                                      Lets make some beautiful memories!

I am not a professional photographer
( I wish I was,but yet again,I wish I was many things... professional cook,designer...I think I have Martha Stewart syndrome),
I don't have a fancy camera...and to be honest ,I don't know much about photography...all the technical stuff. But I know the beauty of it. I love creating and capturing beautiful memories. So with that in mind ,we went to a park to create some fairy looking pictures...because that is the way I wish the world looked...and how it is in my head anyway.
I edit my pictures with Pic Monkey (if you were wondering). So here you go,enjoy the fairy-nes..(is that a word?)




  1. Beautiful pics! What a great setting!

  2. Beautiful pictures! Love the lantern shot :)

  3. Beautiful family shot. As a mom of 9 with several grown and off to college, trust me when I say a)it really does go too fast and b) you will treasure every family photo! :)

  4. Lovely photos! Such sweet girls too. :)

  5. Your little ones are so cute! :) Love these photos.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I'm now following you via GFC and excited to come back and read more!


  6. Gorgeous pictures. I love all the wilderness. The roads, trees, and walking paths. It must have been a fun time taking pictures. Stopping by from Weekend Blog Walk.

  7. Lovely pictures! You have such a cute family!


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