Friday, 30 November 2012

Let's play! 7 fun activities for 18 month olds and up! - from our house!

I have been a little uninspired lately to post...but as I was looking through some pictures on my computer, I realised, I have a post for you ...just to break the ice.
(since I haven't been around for two weeks.)
I'll share with you some of our favourite activities that my girls love to do.
They play together,so these are a good fit for children from 18 months old and up.
They are perfect sensory activities with things you have around your house, so no need to go shopping to entertain your kids with these easy and fun activities.
Sticky Plate

Cut the bottom of a paper plate  and stick clear contact paper on the back with the sticky part up,and you got a sticky plate.You can stick gems,foam shapes,feathers, drinking straw beads (jut cut the straw in different sizes,you can let your 3 year old to do that part,just remember to be safe)

Play Doh & Food Art

For this activity you will need play doh (store bought or home made) spaghetti,cereals ,cookie cutters.We also used marbles,they look so pretty and they are easy to push in and take out for my 21 month old. Just lay everything on the table, and let them get creative.
Cardboard tube pom pom slide
You can use any cardboard tubes ,I just saved  my toilet paper and kitchen paper towel tubes.
Use pom poms to slide down the tube in to a plastic container (bowl).
For older kids like my 3 year old, you can make a more elaborate slide and teach them the colours or how to count.
Put a ring around it!
This is so much fun!
The cardboard tube came from a cling film roll.
Cut out the bottom of some paper plates to use as rings. Emma made a hat out of it. That would be a great craft too, paper plate hats!
If the tube keeps falling ,just use some tape to secure it.
Sorting marbles

I found these beautiful marbles in a charity shop .
You can use pom poms or big beads,stones ans so one, just what you have around. For sorting containers you can use a cupcake tin, ice trays, cups or small bowls.

Charity shop, garage sales or car boots is the perfect place to find your supplies, trust me.
You just have to think outside the box a little.
My husband saw me shove toilet paper roles in a drawer and  gave me that look like...."women have you lost it?"
Me: It 's recycling baby,craft supply for the girls!
Him: aaaaa,smart!


Building with sticks.

Emma started this one.
We have a prayer pail,  with names written on these sticks for people or places we are praying for ,you can find the tutorial for that  here.
She started playing with them , and made what you see in the pic...I was honestly  thinking : ho helped you?:) but no , there was just me and the girls in the house.:)
All you need are some craft sticks and a floor.
You can practise letters or build a house or a ...fence is it?


I put this one last on the list, but it is the most used one. They love painting.It can be on a page from a colouring book , some cardboard , wood or a mirror.

It is a bit messy,especially for a 21 month old but they have fun and I don't really mind the clean up or the mess.
So here you go, our go to activities.

I will make a new list as soon as we change things up.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I am in love with these ideas and can't wait until my baby is old enough to do them!

  2. What fun ideas! I'm totally using that pom pom slide idea today. :)

  3. What awesome ideas. I love the sticky plate!! Stopping by from Far Above Rubies. Blessings from Croatia: A Little R & R:

  4. She's a cutie! :) I love this idea. When I start popping out babies, I'll need to remember this. Sticky plate? Too cute!

  5. Frumos si felicitari ptr. blog ....


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