Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Happy First Birthday Hannah!!

My baby girl is 1!!!

We are so blessed  having you in our life!
You are a beautiful and happy baby girl!You love to cuddle and be hold, especially by daddy,you are such a daddy's girl!!
You like to eat and try new food,you are curious and very smart,you make a toy out of anything you can` play with a plastic cup for 30  min:).(that's a lot of time for you..:))
We love your cheeky smile and joyful laugh!
We love you with all our hart and pray that you grow up loving and obeying our Lord.

Mommy and daddy.
                                                              Birthday breakfast.

...and cake in the evening when daddy came home from work.


Wednesday, 22 February 2012

WIWW- pinterest edition

I didn't slack this week,no sir...not me!:) But...I don't have any good picture to show you,they were all made in a hurry,by my husband....blurry..out of focus....he hates taking pictures or being in one(if there is a funny pose...then he is up for it!...)I MAKE him stand for pictures almost every time,I keep saying the same thing.."wen you are old and grey you will thank ME for all the memories(pictures)"....he would probably be content with just one this one :

just like my grandma used to have on her wall:) becose I don't have any good pic to show you this wednesday here are some of my Pinterest pins that inspire me.I can't wait  for spring to come!


For the source of the photos go to my Pinterest My style bord and clik on the pic.:)

Saturday, 18 February 2012

double birthday party

Hannah's party wear!:)Emma has a T-shirt with 3 on it...tutorial coming soon!

We are getting ready for a double birthday party !Hannah turns 1 and Emma 3!They're birthdays are 5  days apart,so this year we decided we will have one big party for both of them..I don't think that will work out in the future but for now we are good this way.
So we choose as the party team....the princess and a frog,NOT the Disney movie.
Just a lot of pink and royal food,two princesses and some frogs(that they have to kiss..:)))some fun games and two happy little girls!
In my mind the party is my mind the things I plan and organise are always great...I don't know about real life tough...:)
I guess we will have to wait and see.The party is next Saturday....time flays!!


Wednesday, 15 February 2012


This edition of What I Wore Wednesday is inspired by a Pinterest pin on My Style board,and if you don't follow me on Pinterest..oh should!:)
First of,I have to say, it's kind of addictive...but I do get a lot of inspiration from it.

So here is the pin that inspired me:

and here is my take on it..

...that's me and my hubby going out on a date on Valentine's day.
(I did put on shoes before we left the house!..:)..) some black you know..can't walk in heels!

Cardigan- H&M
Dress - Sticky Fingers
Belt - H&M

We went to a Turkish restaurant and had a lovely dinner,and sat next to an adorable old couple ho were so nice to each other,they were really an inspiration!
We met  a  Turkish waiter that spoke a little Romanian (he has a Romanian girlfriend) and got invited back to the restaurant to get to meet her .
Hope we will go back soon,the food was REALLY GOOD! :)

How did you spent your Valentine's day?


Monday, 13 February 2012

"I Love You This Much" Card and more about Valentine's Day.

We made this card to give to daddy on Valentines day!

We are celebrating it for the first time this year!!!We don't have it (officially) in my home country.
At the end of this post I wrote a little more about Valentin's day for thous of you that read my blog and don't know exactly what the day is about.
So lets get back to our super easy and fun to make card.

This is so easy! We had fun making this one!

Trace your child's hand, then cut out two copies.

Cut out a strip of paper and fold it accordion style.
 Write I Love You on one hand and "This Much" on the strip of paper.

We used some glitter glue pens to write "I Love You"
 and some metallic confetti on the strip of paper to decorate.

Glue the ends of your accordion strip
on the insides of the hands and your card is done.

Valentine's Day

Legend tells us that in 197 A.D. there was an emperor in Rome named Claudius II who was building a major military regime. He decreed that all the young men in his kingdom remain single. The emperor believed that married men do not make good soldiers. At the same time, there was a young priest named Valentine of Terni and he performed many marriage ceremonies in secret.
Valentine was brought before the emperor and questioned at length. He tried to convince the emperor to convert to Christianity instead of the pagan religion. He was convicted and sent to jail. While in jail, Valentine healed the jailor’s daughter from blindness. On the day before his execution, valentine sent a note to the jailor’s daughter which was signed ‘from your valentine.’ This simple note started a movement in Rome that has lasted centuries.
During the time of Queen Victoria and Albert, who were on the throne in England during the 1800s, there was a great revival of the exchange of romantic cards and notes and an industry arose in verses for sale with beautifully illustrated art.

Happy Valentines day!!


Saturday, 11 February 2012

I SPY...

     I've seen these all over the Internet lately and decided it was time to make one for my kids.
 I searched the house for small things to put in the jar, and I got a pretty good collection. . I put this together in no time at all . It cost me next to nothing to make - I already had everything I needed to make it on hand.
These “I Spy” jars are great fun for a wide variety of ages.

A must for the diaper bag. 
Hannah likes using the jar as a rattle, and Emma(after many unsuccessful attempts at opening the jar) enjoys identifying and counting the objects she finds.

Here is how you can make one:
What you'll need:

1 plastic container(jar,bottle)
small items/toys
hot glue gun

Lay out all your small items/toys and take a picture of them
You can print this picture out and laminate it if you want.

Start filling the container alternating rice with a few toys until is about 3/4 full -
you want to leave some room at the top so you can shake and move the rice around.

Unless you want a large mess - use a hot glue gun and glue the lid on!
Give the jar to your kids with a picture of the items in it and have them find all the items.

So shake shake shake to find new treasures!:)


Wednesday, 8 February 2012


What I Wore Wednesday was created by blogger Lindsay from The Pleated Poppy to help stay at home Mommies like me to get out of their t-shirts and sweats and to put a little effort into themselves every day.
I wear pretty much the same accessories every my watch and my necklace (I'll do a review on the necklace in a different post) and the ring that I LOVE  it just go's with everything!
The bracelets are the only thing I mix and mach.I can't wear long necklaces because baby Hannah (ho is going to be ONE this month,by the way,crazyyyy ,I know!! to faaast!!!:) ) is going to pull on them,she broke the one that I wear ll the time twice already...:(

So here you go...only one outfit this post...I'm bad...I know,I'm just waiting for spring so I can get out more...:)

Coat - Papaya

Cardigan - H&M
Blouse - Marks and Spencer
Trousers - Next
Boots - Next

Watch - Fossil Vintage
Bracelets - pink one (made by me),gold one - Accessorise

Thank you for reading!!

Monday, 6 February 2012


We finally had snow this winter!I my say,England is quite beautiful when it snows.
We decided to take advantage of the fairy looking site in the park and have a photo session with my girls!Here are some pictures for you to enjoy:)

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