Wednesday, 28 March 2012


We went to the same park as last week to look for the Magnolia Trees, that are still not fully bloomed.
It was such a beautiful and sunny day that I wore a dress,yep I love dresses.I think they make me look not so can I put it...awkward?!Yhea I will explain were all this comes from in a new post because it's a long story.
If you want to know more about What I Wore Wednesday click here.

Dress- car boot(garage sale)
Cardigan-Top Shop
Tights-Italian brand
Shoes-TOMS (I got them as a gift from my hubby for Mother's Day!!Yay,I loovveeeee them!!)

I first sow them on Pinterest an it was love at first sight!

I love this little bag.

Emma put on a show for us in the park.:))
She LOVES dancing!

My beautiful girls!

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


              Last week we went to a big and beautiful park in the city that I live close to..
              I live in the country side:)Love it!
   We hoped to see the Magnolia tree bloomed,but not yet,maybe this weekend!

It was a lovely sunny day!

I managed to take some pictures for WIWW.I have my oldest daughter joining me today:)
 I just could not resist showing you this one,she is such a funny kid!
Love her to pieces!

Jacket- local shop

Cardigan- shop in Romania




I love this shirt/blouse!It's so light and feminine!

Yay!Spring is finaly here!

Thanks for reading!

I'm linking up to WIWW over at The Pleated Poppy blog. 


Monday, 19 March 2012

Oreo and Mascarpone cake pops

For the girls party I made these yummy Oreo cake pops,that are easy to do and you don't need to bake anything!

I use them as decoration by putting them in a glass jar filled with  marshmallows and jelly.
By the end of the party the jar was empty:)

Here it is what you will need:

1- 18oz package of Oreos (one with three rows)
1- 8oz package of Mascarpone cheese
White chocolate +pink food colouring or you can use pink chocolate buttons.

Lollipop sticks.
Block of Styrofoam for drying cake pops.Or you can use a colander like this clever idea I found on Pinterest:


This recipe makes about 30 Oreo Pops.
Here it is what you need to do:

Take your Oreos and crush them up in a bowl in to fine crumbs (as fine as you can),works better if you separate the two cookie halves before you crush them,or if you have a food processor this step will be a lot faster.
Add the cheese and mix them tougheter…I use my favourite silicone spatula, but what ever you’ve got with certainly work fine.
  Continue mixing until crumbs and cream cheese are completely combined…seems like it won’t work at first, but it will…keep mixing.

Once mixture is combined, scoop out tablespoon size balls,you can use a ice cream spoon too.
Place scooped balls onto a cookie sheet, or anything flat that will fit into your freezer.
 Place in your freezer for 10-15 minutes, or until firm, but not rock hard.
While you wait,melt your choice of chocolate for coating.

Dip one end of a lollipop stick  into the candy coating, then push it into the centre of an Oreo ball about ½ way through. Place almost finished Oreo Pop back on the cookie sheet until all are finished. When all the lollipop sticks are in, put the cookie sheet back in the freezer to firm up the candy coating. When the candy isn’t shinny anymore they are ready for dipping.
Use a dip and swirl method for covering the pops,cover the entire pop and place it on your drying rack of your choice to harden.That's it!
From here you can chose to decorate it with different coloured chocolate or before the coting hardens decorate with some sprinkles .

.I did that for the cake pops I used to decorate Hannah's cake:

I run out of time and for the sides of the cake I put a lollipop stick in a Oreo cookie and cover it with chocolate and sprinkles.
Have fun making them!They are a little time consuming but its worth it!


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Kony 2012- you need to watch this!

An 'international justice' Internet campaign by humanitarian group Invisible Children has become a huge on line hit, with their KONY 2012 documentary about a little known Ugandan conflict being shared over four million times on Facebook.

You need to watch this video and know about what is going on in Uganda!Pray for those kids and their family's and also...pray for Kony,for his soul,he will pay for what he did and keeps on doing ,but his life will not stop here on this Earth,God can make a difference with his life and in his life!Maybe his capture will be his Salvation!I pray for that!

Joseph Kony is one of the world’s worst war criminals and I support the international effort to arrest him, disarm the lRa and bring the child soldiers home.



Thanks for joining me for “what i wore wednesday”!
Here is just one outfit that I  managed to get  a picture of...I need to get a tripod for my camera and a big mirror or something...because what I'm doing now...well..It's clearly not working out for me.
So next time get ready for some good pictures!:)I am determined!

                                                      Jacket - Primark(Kids section)





Bag-Next(I use it as a dipper bag)


I didn't realised how much I look like a biker's wife here...I have only been on a scooter...twice!So I guess I just like their style....apparently...:)
I  just can't wait for the good weather to come along!!!
Spring!Get here already!


Monday, 5 March 2012

Two Princesses and a Frog Birthday Party

Last  Sunday we had a double party for our girls.
Hannah celebrated her first birthday and Emma turned 3!
We celebrated each one on their actual birthdays(witch are 5 days apart) but we did one big party with friends and family.
You can see the post on their birthdays here and here.

We had a princesses and a frog birthday party(not the Disney one).Some tutorials from what I made for the party are coming up soon,so stay close!

Enjoy the photos!

For food I made a veggie tray that is not complete in this pic,the chicken bites were still in the oven as well as the ham and cheese croissants that we had with the salad and store bought pizza... shaped sandwiches .

We had two tables,one for food and one for sweets.The sweets were cake pops
( Oreo biscuits with mascarpone cheese ,covered in pink chocolate),Oreo pops,just Oreo biscuits on a stick covered with the same pink chocolate.I put them all in a jar filed with marshmallows and jelly beans.

They didn't turn out as pretty looking as I in visioned them  but they still tasted pretty good!!
The kids loved them.
They were really time consuming !

The "star of the show" in my opinion was the organic yogurt with fruits.

Healthy and pretty!:)

Emma's cake..the cake pops ,the little card fairies, I cut them out of an old birthday card...

Hannah's cake.

with cake pops all around.


I love the paper straws!

The Birthday banner was inspired by Martha Steward's.

As party decor we had paper pompoms around paper garden lanterns, that we put instead of our regular lights.

...and a table centre piece with my girls initials and a flower made out of cup cake liners .
It was pretty easy to do.(tutorial coming soon).

The Frog Prince.(tutorial coming soon).

...and some lovely flowers.

I had set up a craft table that I can't find the before pictures of.
We had some plate decorating with fabric paint pens , glitter glue pens( a lot of pens), glitter shapes and gem stones..and of course crayons
.I had to go with card plates because I run out of time,they were suppose to be crowns...o well..they had fun!
We also had some magic card carriage shaped..thing...that you scratch the black paint off with a wooden stick to revel different colours...can you tell that I'm not English? No? Not yet?!....
.....Boy I'm good!:))

For games we had Frog Bowling ,Stick the candy on the window contest,
  Kiss the frog that the adults join in too.

Tape some sticky cover film for books to the window, add two small buckets of gems looking candy for each team, and you have a fun contest !
Stick as many candy as you can!!
The candy was the prize!:)

For party wear..I made them these t-shirts/baby body with tulle numbers on and lace at the bottom.(tutorial coming soon)

It was a success!The girls had fun!
Happy birthday girls!!

Thank you for reading!


Friday, 2 March 2012

Happy Birthday Emma!

Happy Birthday baby girl!
I can't believe you are 3 years old already!

You bring such joy and happiness to our family.
You love to be cuddled and kissed .After bath daddy holds you like a baby in a big towel and lifts you up so you can see your self in the mirror.
Family hugs are your favourite.
You love to sing and wear dresses and dance like a princess.You are a total girly girl.
You are a good big sister and you love Hannah.
You like to colour and paint and craft with mommy.You love to help mommy in the kitchen!
Mommy and Daddy love you so very much!

On her birthday she woke up with balloons all over her bed.She was so surprised!
I will never forget the expression of pure joy on her face!

Birthday breakfast!
Pancakes with white chocolate and strawberries and chocolate milkshake with cream and sprinkles all over!

And cake when dady came home from work.

Happy Birthday Emma !!!

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