Friday, 26 October 2012

Bath time fun with glow sticks and foam letters

We have made bath time in to Fun Time in our house!And I am not talking about bath bubbles or bath toys,those are things from the past...boring! :)
My girls loved bath time, so this is not to convince them to have a bath. Hannah would never sit in the tub, but she loved being in the water.

Now she goes scuba diving!:))
We were all shocked!
All it took was turn off the light and place these glow sticks in the water!

They absolutely loved it!
They thought it was so fun to be  bathing in that light.

On our next bath we had fun with foam letters.
When these get wet they stick to the tiles.

and  they will stick to  feet too!

Just let them air dry ,stuck to the tiles,and they will be as good as new.

For more fun ieas check out this realy amaizing blog!I highly recommend it!

Monday, 22 October 2012

Lego Star Wars Birthday party

When a dear friend of mine asked me to help her with her son's birthday party, I jumped at the chance. I just love thinking of ideas, the planning and see it all come together at the end.
And as I have only girls(for now) I was exited about a boy themed party...until I found out the theme...Lego Star Wars...I've never seen a Star Wars Movie, don't really know nothing about it.
I've herd of Princess Leia(witch I thought you write it Leah)..... and the line: I am your father!
 So clearly I am clueless.
But don't worry, I said to myself, I have a friend that knows EVERYTHING!
Pinterest that is!:)
 So here you go, a Lego Star Wars Birthday party!
I was in charge with the party decor,games and (never again) cake!
Free Printable: Star Wars Birthday Banner here.
The main focus on the decor  was the super sized death star .That was super easy to make.I will share all the details in a different post.*

UPDATE * click here for the tutorial.

The yummy food my friend made! 
I was in charge with the cake, I offered to bake it...what was I thinking?!! In my head I'm like this amazing baker...boy was I wrong.
This is half made by me(the base) and I bought the top. Because mine was a disaster.
I blame Pinterest for making it look so easy when it is NOT!

As the guest arrived,they first had a go at guess how many Lego's ? Care to have a go?

- included sucking up pieces of Lego on the end of a straw and into a container ,just make sure you use a jumbo straw.
We played it 3 times!A big hit!
-save the Lego Man from the ice! I coloured the water yellow  to make it more fun.
They loved this one! 
I 've made a lightsaber for every one out of pipe covers and just used some black tape at one end to design the lightsaber hilt detail,we used it in two games and they took it home with them with a bag of candy, as party favours.
In this game they had to fight each other without dropping the precious cargo under their chin.

We also played: Find the Lego Man. I hid 5 Lego's around the house(used blue tack to stick them on walls,stairs) ,and they split in two teams and had to find them all.
The last game was trow the disk on to the light saber. I had to think about this one on the spot,because we still had some time and I was out of games . I cut out the disk out of paper plates.

 I will post the how to's on some of the projects in case you are inspired to have a Lego party for your birthday boy. 

Happy birthday Marco!! 

Friday, 19 October 2012

Pay What You Can Sale on The Artfull Year- Autumn Crafts eBook

Do you love fall?
 Do you love crafting with your children?
Boy have I got a treat for you!:)
I was so exited when I saw  Pay What You Can Sale on The Artfull Year- Autumn Crafts eBook! that I had to share it! It's a great book for all of you out there with kids or teaching kids ,great as a gift too!
So take advantage of this amazing deal and get yours.
You are welcome!
A 78-page, full-color PDF eBook with:
17 Autumn Leaf Crafts
15 Halloween Decorations and Crafts
7 Pumpkin and Apple Recipes
5 Thanksgiving Projects
You decide the sweet spot between what you can afford and what the book and the ideas in it are worth to you.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Embrace the camera 18/10/2012

As I wrote  in my last post ,we went to the park to have a fight.
A leaf fight that is .This was on our family bucket list for Fall .
I had fluff and bugs on me for days....or I just felt like I did.
Anyway, the girls were so exited and had so much fun, that I didn't care about the bugs!
We can't wait to do it again.....NEXT year.:)
Or they could play with daddy and mommy can take  pictures.

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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

WIWW - 17/10/2012

It has been awhile since my last WIWW posts, I just don't have the time to take the pic, we are always rushing out the door every time we leave the house.
I should have some one standing there outside my door with a camera....oh wait....I'm not famous...

All  I have are the pictures I took when we went to the Park, two weeks ago, when I saw the sun for the last time, I live in sunny England...
We had lots of fun playing in the leafs, and we had a little romantic photo shoot too:)

Oh well...I'm just living my love story!


As I type this, I realised,  all I'm wearing is from a car boot sale , except for the tights (Primark)
Boy, I love a good deal!!
So this outfit cost me less then £8!! Car boot is were it's at people!!
I love fashion but I would rather spend my money on something that matters, then clothes!
Sweater - Gap
Dress- don't know but it is from a car boot sale
Purse - Warehouse
Boots- Next
I hope you are having a great week!
Thank you so much for reading!
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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Our first try at a Sensory Box

I have seen all over blog land these sensory boxes.
Different sizes ,different themes and made to suit each age group.
I have been a little scared to give them a go...thinking about the mess ,Hannah eating the beans in it.All of that made me postpone it...until I found this blog.
I so admire these ladies,they inspire me so much that I decided to make the girls their first sensory box and not think about the mess.
So I just gathered things I had around the house,I did not went shopping for this.I used two small storage/lunch boxes I had from Ikea,one box for each girl.I filled them with tinny flower shape pasta and plastic animals.I didn't go for a specific theme with this one.I gave them  a spoon,plastic cups,ice tray,bolls and so on.I put a sheet over the carped ....just to make the cleaning part a bit easier.
The end result,they played with their sensory box for more then an hour.
They loved it,they kept saying :I like it mommy!
They make my hart melt.
Hannah did try some pasta...she stopped after the second spoon .
Hey ,it's just dry pasta!Right?
They played nicely and didn't make that big of a mess,they were so concentrated and had so much fun that we made one today too,I just added bigger pasta shapes and some new cups.
I went on line to find some more Sensory Box ideas and I found this article on Pinterest :
It's pretty much every thing you need to know about a Sensory Box.
If you have not tryed it yet,go one and do,it's fun and they learn throug play.I have read about it on line and I have learned that sensorry play
 helps them differentiate between diffrent textures.
It helps in their motor skills.
with hand–eye coordination.
It helps them develop vocabulary (when learning to describe the  sights around them)
It helps them to concentrate .
All of that just made me forget about the mess,I don't mind cleaning the living room 5 times a day(they help clean up too),as long as my kids are happy and they learn and grow .

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Checking things off of our Family Fall Bucket list./Embrace the camera 04/10/2012

We went to the Museum,yaaay.
It was on our Family Fall Bucket list so ...Check!
It was the first time for the girls.
They were so overwhelmed about everything,Hannah (my 19 months  old baby girl) ,she kept saying Waaaw..Waaaw...(Wow) over and over again.
Emma was a bit scared at first of the big Dino in the pic,but she loved the Animal expo and the Children Museum !
We had fun!
I'm linking up for the Embrace the camera over at The Anderson Crew.
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And if you are wandering were am I in the pictures....
I'm embracing the camera with a mummy...yep,you'll see!
Enjoy the pictures!
Sorry they are all phone pictures,I forgot the camera at home,I know ,I 'm kicking my self still!


Have a good day!

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

“My Place in the World”- Pinterest inspired project

I love Pinterest!So many good ideas,so many fun projects for my girls to choose from!
I found this one,and I thought it was a great way to show Emma, my oldest, were she was born,
and help her understand  the diff between city, country...we are going to make another one for were she lives now and one for the Solar System.
I wrote on the cards in Romanian.
Have a go in reading that!:)
It was so much fun, she got to colour ,cut, play with glue(she loves that!) and at the end she has this project that she made,she was so proud about it! 

Click here for step by step instructions!
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