Friday, 7 December 2012

Let it snow! Winter themed sensory box. (Montessori inspired)

Slowly this blog is turning in to an all craft/kids activity blog.:) It's just  that my girls  are at this great,fun  age were they are so amazed by new things and love to experience and learn new stuff, I just love it!
I am no Montessori expert...all I know I have learned on the World Wide Web...and I try to adapt it to work for us. I use what I have or what I can get at a charity shop or at car boots or on sale!Some things I do invest my money in ,but things like beads and pipe cleaners I can easily find them at all those places I mentioned. 80 % cheaper.
Now enough with the rambling, lets get to it.
Our sensory box is actually a pie/flan dish.(again, use what you have).We used fake snow ,you can use rice too.I just put the fake snow in the pie dish added some glitter and when through my Christmas decoration box and gathered some things I thought will go whit the theme.
Two wooden birds houses that they painted a long time ago,animals...and most important: a blanket or a sheet, it will make cleaning so much easier.
Hannah  got everything out and studied it up close and then she put everything back in. Played with the snow and made a mess!:) But it was a god fun mess.
Please don't let your kids play unsupervised with this activity, that is the secret to not have a huge mess or having the kids eat the fake snow. After a few of " it stays out of your mouth " she gave up.
Emma made up little stories with her animals in the snow and rearranged everything ,she loved to make it snow over her house.
They were amazed, loved it so much, and played with it for a long time!
Yes it got messy, but nothing that a vacuum cleaner can't fix.
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