Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Snow day.

Monday morning we woke up to see snow on the ground. It's the first snow we had this year.
We were hopping for it at Christmas time, but I'm thankful my girls got to enjoy it this winter.
Emma was a bit confused that is winter and there is no snow on the ground, she kept saying winter in not here yet.:)
That morning on the way to preschool, she was the happiest little girl I have ever seen, she was jumping around and shouting for joy, walking every were she saw snow on the ground.
Hannah was giggling too when she saw how happy her big sister was.


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  3. Hi there!!! I'm Hanna. I found you from the blog hop and I love making new friends and meeting new bloggers:) I am your newest follower:) You can me any old time over here at

    I'd love to see you:) xoxoxoxo Hanna

    Your kids are beautiful

  4. Hi Erika,
    Your girls are so beautiful. Isn't it great when you get to capture those moments? They are priceless. Thank you for sharing them with us.



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