Saturday, 2 February 2013

DIY - HEADWRAP from an old t-shirt

Are you having a bad hair day?
 Or you just want to look extra cute and a bit bohemian?
Well this works either way!
Since I got bangs, bad hair days are more challenging now...
a headwrap has been my salvation many mornings when I looked at my self in the mirror and noticed the horror bangs sticking up..
no time for styling...
what do do? what to do? 
Wrap your head  and go boho mama for the day!
( trust me ,it is way cooler then waking around town for 30 min  with your bangs wet...and only God  knows how they looked like once they were dray.)
Let's get to the DIY!

All you need is:

- an old stretchy t-shirt
- scissors
- glue gun (or a needle and thread)
- elastic

For the t-shirt I used this old topshop top I got at a carboot sale, never really worn it.
 Was too big on me but really loved the print on it.

Cut out the back of it. Measure it around your head,leaving a few cm for the elastic.
Even if your fabric is elastic it will not be enough to stretch it around your head, and there will be no annoying knot in the back of your head sticking out  either.
I used about 5 cm of elastic with 1.5 cm on each end glued in. Just measure your own beautiful head to fit nice and tight and not slide of.,and trim it to the right size.(not the head, the headwrap).

Fold the fabric in half meeting in the middle (as pictured). Glue the " seam line"  in three or for places just to secure it a bit more, once you glue the ends it will not unfold.
Place the elastic at one end of your wrap and glue it in place folding the fabric over it as pictured. Once the glue is dry ,repeat the process on the other end.
I didn't have a wide elastic so I doubled the one I had.
At this point you can leave it as it is and skip this step, but I wanted it to look a bit more "done".
So I cut out the t-shirt seam line ,trim it to the size that I need it and covered both ends of the wrap with it,as pictured.
Now, grab the middle of your wrap and using a scrap of fabric tie a knot  on the inside of your wrap.(or you can glue it, I had just burned myself with the glue I went with the knot)
That's it! You are done.
Enjoy your new headwrap !
I'm going to look for some more t-shirts in the back of my closet!:)
 thanks for reading!


  1. imi place muuult ,si asa si cu rujsi medalionul ii tipla .dai inainte
    clau top

  2. That's such a cutie!!! Will you have some in your store, too?.. Can't wait to see more projects from you

  3. What a cute idea! I'm not crafty at all but I bet I could make this! It would be a fun project that me and my daughter can do together...thanks for sharing! I'm a new follower from the link party. You can find me at

    Have a great day!

  4. How cute! I wish I could pull off the headband look. :)

    Happy Valentine's Day! Newest follower... Would love for you to follow back at

  5. Hi Erika

    Love this idea - and even more since you can make it with a glue gun! Perfect for bad hair days (of which I have far too many....).

    Found you via the GYB hop and looking forward to following on Bloglovin and Pinterest.

    Kate x

  6. I love up cycling old T Shirts! This is great! Thank you! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  7. So cute! What a great way to repurpose an old tshirt!! Thanks for linking up to my party!


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