Wednesday, 3 April 2013

WIWW 03/04/2013

I know, It's been ages since my last WIWW post. It looks like Spring is finally here so I got inspired to write a post.
I hope you had a blessed Easter and you are enjoying a sunny Spring!
I got glasses, and I love them. I don't wear them all the time, just for computer work /reading and driving .
 I finally found the courage to drive in UK.
I need to drive to work every morning so I had no choice, and I'm actually looking forward to get used to it and enjoy it, appreciate the freedom that it gives.
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 Bible study:
Trousers - H&M
T-Shirt - H&M - Man section
Cardigan - H&M
Jacket - Random shop
Shoes - TOM'S Shoes


Shirt - H&M
Skirt - Top Shop
Jacket - Next
Shoes - H&M
Hat - Christmas gift
Bracelets - Hand Made by Miha

I joined instagram, you can follow me here erikashineon if you wish so.:)


  1. Loving the glasses, they really suit you!
    Well done you on driving....something I keep putting off more and more these days.
    Have a great weekend :)

    1. Thank you Daisy! I wish you a sunny weekend! :)

  2. Great outfits! I'd love for you to link up to My Style Monday.

    1. Hi, thanks Kayla!Thank you for the invite!

  3. Replies
    1. thank you,you can e-mail me at Have great week.

  4. Mihaela Cristina25 April 2013 at 01:40

    thank you so much Erika for wearing my "Handmade by Miha" bracelets! you're entire outfit looks great! kisses :* Miha


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