Thursday, 15 August 2013

DIY Bee Hive Diaper Cake - What will it BEE? Baby Shower

As promised yesterday, here I am with the instructions for the diaper cake
from the "What will it BEE?" baby shower. 
When I started thinking about the cake I had no specific idea of what it will look like, but I knew I wanted something with bees, yellow, so it will go with the theme of the party. 
Hmm, big and yellow with bees...? A bee hive! ... boy that took me long enough.
I tried covering the hole thing in yellow tissue paper and ended up looking like a big yellow mess.
So I just went the traditional way and just added the bee hive on top of the cake.
Right, this is really easy to put together, you will need:
- around 40 new born diapers
-2 toilet paper rolls
-rubber bands
- one cereal bowl
- yellow tissue paper
-one marker
- ribbons ( I used washi tape, the grey dotted one)
- two small metallic spring ( from a pen)
- yellow card

  Role the diaper, from where it folds in half , so you will end with the fastening part. I tried with the fastening part on the inside and it didn't really make any difference, so no mater how you go about it will do fine. Secure the diaper role with a rubber band.
After you have done all 40, arrange one row of diapers around one of the toilet paper roll as pictured.
Secure the hole thing with a rubber band or twine.
Repeat the process for the second layer, this time going twice around the toilet paper roll, as pictured.  Secure it.

 To make it more secure and not having the top layer slide off , you can place some diaper rolls in the toilet paper roll, or instead of a toilet paper, you can use a kitchen paper roll, I used what I had.
Wrap the bowl in tissue paper and place it on top of your cake. Wrap some ribbon around your cake covering the rubber bands. Now get your marker and  card and start drawing some cute bees, you can print some of Google if you wish so. Stretch the springs you got from your pen, glue a bee on one end and glue it to your bee hive like pictured, as if they were flying around.
I got a bit carried away with the marker and gave the bee hive a hobbit door. 

There you have it, wasn't that easy?
Thank you for reading.

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