Thursday, 12 September 2013

Garden party. & some news.

Last week I had the opportunity to decorate for my pastor's wife birthday party. I had free hand with the d├ęcor so knowing it was going to be a  garden party , I went with an enchanted garden, using different shades of purple and orange with moss and candles and some twinkly lights.

Totally not on the subject, but I wanted to share something.
I love the hole process that goes around decorating for an event/party. Brain storming ideas, all the DIY, putting every thing together and the smile of the one  celebrated.
I think I mentioned before that I used to have an event planning business in Romania, together with my sister in low, we did mostly weddings. Moving to UK three years ago, I left that behind, thinking that I will never do that again, that there is no way for an immigrant to be able to do what they  are really  passionate about ( create, design, decorate ) in a foreign country, and the stories that you hear or read about, of people that do succeed are just exceptions, ideals that inspire the "little people" and give them hope not to give up, not to crumble and go back home.
When I imagined my life in UK, the thought that I will forever carry the " immigrant " label never crossed my mind, I think if I would have known , I wouldn't have left Romania. What still keeps me here is that God put me here, He put us here, He holds all the Earth, we are His children, I can live wherever He so wishes.
I some how fell back in to it, decorating for friends and sisters from my church.
This particular party gave me the push that I needed and decided to give it a go. I'm going to start my own event planning business.
 I'm the only one in it. The budget?...I'm not sure I have one, I should ask my husband.
 Supplies? For now, just stuff I have around the house that I got from charity shops, car boots or Ikea. 
All I have is an add on Gumtree, oh and God on my side, so I guess I'm good to go. My strategy ? Work even for free .


  1. How exciting that you will get to do something you really love and enjoy, I really wish you all the best! I love all the decorations you did for this party, it all looks so pretty together.

    1. Oh Daisy, that is so sweet of you friend! Thank you! I wish that for you too!

  2. woooooooow imi place la nebunie , este superb ,vreau si eu de ziua mea asa ceva :) este super bravooooo ma inclin in fata ta .pupici Claudett

  3. pai ce faci nu ma iei in echipa ta sunt liberaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! feem un parteneriat :)Claudett

    1. Stii ce trebuie sa faci, nu?:)) bagajelul!

  4. Succes in indeplinirea visului! Imi dau seama ca e greu, insa vad ca ai deja un portofoliu de proiecte foarte reusite ce iti poate deschide usi. Domnul sa te ajute in noua afacere!


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